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A classified list of online links & some references to offline sources 

         See also  New York State History web page

-- Chronology

--  Endangered Places

--  Ethnic Groups

--  Geography

-- Historic Trails

-- Landmarks

-- Local History Librarians

-- Long Peninsula vs. Long Island  [logic, proportion, & legalisms v. common sense]

-- Municipalities

--  Names, Geographic

-- Periodicals

-- Study and Teaching

--  The Unusual on L.I.

--  Special Collections

African-American History

        See also  Archeology 
        See also  History - Civil War, 1861-1865
        See also  Immigration History|
        See also  Indians

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        See also  African American History
         See also  Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775
         See also  Indians

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Architects & Architecture (including Mansions)

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Artists & Art History

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Aviation & Aerospace History
--  General

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--  Aircraft Accidents
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-- Airfields & Airports
---  General

  • Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields, by Paul Freeman -- Note:  The fascinating general entry for New York State contains 10 clickable, more regional links, including the following 4 treating L.I.:
  • New York State, Long Island, Eastern
  • New York State, Long Island, Central
  • New York City, Queens
  • New York City, Brooklyn

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---  Floyd Bennett Field

---  La Guardia Airport
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---  John F. Kennedy International Airport [formerly Idlewild Airport]
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---  Republic Airport

---  Roosevelt Field  [now a shopping mall]

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--  Curtis, Glenn Hammond Curtis & Curtiss Aircraft

-- Grumman Aerospace Corporation

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--- Lunar Module

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Big Duck
         See  Architecture  (above)

Biography (& Lists of Famous Long Islanders)
         See also  PML Catalog under names of individuals

Cemeteries, National
          See also  Cemeteries, General
          See also  Genealogy
          See also under  L.I. counties, towns, villages, and islands 

Cemeteries, General
           See also  Cemeteries, National
           See also  Genealogy
           See also  Indians

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Cities - Nassau County
        See also  Long Island Villages - Nassau web page
        See also under  Glen Cove, N.Y.
        See also under  Long Beach, N.Y.

-- Glen Cove, NY

-- Long Beach, NY

Digital Collections [Sample]

  • Digital Long Island (East Hampton Library.  Long Island Collection)
  • History Lectures @ the Library (East Hampton Library.  Long Island Collection)
  • Long Island Books Available Online (SUNY at Stony Brook.  University Libraries.  Special Collections and University Archives.  Collections and Finding Aids) [selected LI historical classics, full-text]
  • Long Island Books and Documents Collection (SUNY at Stony Brook.  University Archives.  Contentdm Collection) 
  • Long Island Historic Postcard Collection (SUNY at Stony Brook.  University Archives.  Contentdm Collection)
  • Long Island Memories (Long Island Library Resource Council.  Digitization Program) 
  • Long Island Region (Cornell University Library.  New York Historical Literature.  Browse by Region) [selected LI historical classics, full-text works]
  • Digitizing Local History Sources (Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island University) -- A generous five-year grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation is enabling the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University to digitize local history materials in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  As of April, 2022, includes contributions from 44 historical organizations; 65,000 images; and 4,100 gigabytes of data.


Educational history 
--  General

-- College and University histories

Environmental History
          See also  Ducks
          See also  Geologic History
          See also  Pine Barrens

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Fishers Island
         See  Outer Islands (of Long Island) web page, under Fishers Island 

         See also  History - Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775
         See also  History - French and Indian War, 1754-1763
         See also  History - Revolution, 1775-1783
         See also  History - War of 1812
         See also  History - Civil War, 1861-1865
         See also  History - Spanish-American War, 1898
         See also  History - World War, 1914-1918
         See also  History - World War, 1939-1945
         See also  Indians

  • Long Island (NorthAmericanForts.com.  New York's Forts)
  • New York State Military Forts, by Time Period (N.Y.S.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  Military Museums and Veterans' Research Center) - click on a time period, then on a map showing the area of L.I. in which you are interested
  • New York State Military Forts, Find by Name of Fort (N.Y.S.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center) - click on the section of the alphabet, with which the name of the fort in which you're interested begins 

Gardiners Island
         See   Outer Islands (of Long Island) web page, under Gardiners Island
         See also  History - Pequot War, 1636
         See also  Indians

          See also  Architecture
          See also  Cemeteries, General
          See also  Cemeteries, National
          See also  Indians

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Geologic History

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Government Pubications

Immigration History
         See also  Villages - Suffolk(web page) -- Farmingville
          See also  Ku Klux Klan
          See also  Nazis 
          See also  Patchogue, NY -- History -- Marcello Lucero

Haunted places, purportedly
          See also  L.I. Oddities (below)

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         See  L.I. Indians -- Prehistory & History web page
         See also  Archeology 
         See also  Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775
         See also  Names, Geographic

Jewish History
         See also  History -- War of 1812

Jones Beach

Ku Klux Klan
         See  LI - History - 1919-1929  ("The Roaring Twenties")


-- Cold Spring harbor Laboratory (Cold Spring Harbor, NY)

-- Brookhaven National Laboratory (Upton, NY)


Literary History

Long Island Iced Tea


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Long Island Rail Road
           See  Transportation

           See  Architecture 

Maps & Atlases

  • Long Island Maps and Their Makers, by Dr. David Yehling Allen (SUNY at Stony Brook. Map Library) - links to chronological sections, from the colonial era to the 20th century
  • Maps (Brooklyn Genealogy Information Page)

Maritime History
          See also  Shipwrecks
          See also  Whaling
          See also  Women's History

Missile Sites

Motion Picture & Theater Industry 


Music History

Names, Geographic 
           See also  Indians

Nazis, the German-American Bund, and German-American Settlement League
         See also  L.I. - Villages - Suffolk, N-Z,  Under Yaphank

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Miller, Marvin D.  Wunderlich's Salute:  The Interrelationship of the German-American Bund, Camp Siefried, Yaphank, and the Young Siegfrieds and Their Relationship with American and Nazi Institutions.  Smithtown, NY:  Malamud-Rose Publishers, 1983.

---  PML Vertical File Sampler:

  • Behrens, David.  "Hitler's Long Island Legion:  In 1936, a Seemingly Bucolic Yaphank Retreat Makes Nazism a Homegrown Concern" (Long Island:  Our Story).  Newsday, May 10, 1998:  pp. A12-13.
  • Behrens, David.  "When the Nazis Camped Nearby" (Part II).  Newsday, December 13, 1983:  1, 4-5.
  • Hanft, Lucas.  "Nazis on Long Island."  Long Island Historical Journal, 11(2) Spring 1999:  pp. 223-230.
  • Miller, Marvin D.  "The Camp Siegfried Special."  Long Island Forum, February 1984:  pp. 28-34.
  • Whitehouse, Beth.  "Property Maps Recall (Nazi) Past:  Inside Long Island:  Move to Expunge Unpleasant Memories" (Eye on Long Island).  Newsday, May 14, 1995:  n.p.


Oddities, Curiosities, Legends, & the Paranormal
          See also  Haunted places, purportedly (above)

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Pine Barrens


Psyciatric Centers, Pioneering

Radio and Television History

        See  Transportation

          See also  Forts

  • Ruins & Remnants (Long Island Ruins & Remnants)  -- divided into 6 clickable sections:  Military, Industrial, Estate, Transportation, Public Works, and Private Property


         See also  Maritime History

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Social Clubs

Sports History



Tesla, Nikola, 1856-1943

  • Bayles, Thomas R.  "Noted Radio Pioneer had Lab, Tower at Shoreham in 1902."  Long Island Advance, December 23, 1965:  [n.p.].
  • Sisler, Pat and Rob Sisler.  "Nikola Tesla:  The Eccentric Genius of the Airwaves."  Times Beacon Record, February 8, 1996:  p. 7.
  • Marshall, Elliot.  "Seeking Redress for Nikola Tesla:  His Admirers Say that Americans have Ignored the Most Important Rival of Edison and Marconi."  Science, 214(30) October 30, 1981:  pp. 523-525.
  • Moore, Michael.  "Machine Makes Lightning." Brevard Today [Cocoa Beach, FL], July 18, 1977:  [n.p.]
  • [Anonymous.]  "Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943." [s.l.:  s.n., n.d.]
  • Tesla, Nikola.  "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy:  With Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sin's Energy."  Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, June 1900:  pp. 178-211.
  • Weber, Harvey.  "Photo / A Pioneer with Flash Photography" (Hobbies).  Newsday, Part II, November 23, 1980:  67.

Towns - Nassau & Suffolk Counties
           See  Long Island Town Histories and Records web page
           See also  Brookhaven Town History web page

Transportation History (& Publicity)
          See also   History - Spanish-American War, 1898
          See also  Maritime History
          See also  Trolleys

-- Long Island Promotional Tracts, by Railroads
              See also  Medford, N.Y. History web page under "Biography -- Fullerton Family" [for additional tracts]


          See   Long Island Villages - Nassau [web page]
          See  Long Island Villages - Suffolk A-K [web pages]
          See  Long Island Villages - Suffolk L-Z [web pages]
          See also  Cities  [above]

Weather (& Climate) 

          See also  Maritime History
          See also  Shipwrecks
          See also  Women's History

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Women's History & Women's Suffrage
              See also  Maritime History
              See also  Shipwrecks
              See also  Whaling

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