Patchogue - Historic Periods (Classified)

Historical Periods (Patchogue, NY -- chronologically arranged) 

--  General
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--  Prehistory & Indian History, ca. 10,000 B.C. to Present
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--  Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775
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--  Revolution, 1775-1783
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Patchogue, at this time, was a small bayside village, and had been in existence since at least the Seven Years War lottery that established the village.

While there was a 1776 Census of Suffolk County, just prior to the British takeover, it is broken down only as far as Brookhaven Town, and directly associates no names with individual villages.  A subset of this list appears under Frederic Gregory Mather's Refugees of 1776 from Connecticut to Long Island, listing only refugees who fled Long Island following the major American defeat at the Battle of Long Island, 8/23/1776, not those who remained, and assumed the consequences.  Heads of households, number of men, women, and "negroes" (whether slave or freedmen) associated with them are listed in the 1776 Census.  But property maps of Patchogue do not appear to go back far enough.  The oft quoted short article "Patchogue in 1812" lists 75 residents living along 2 roads (today's Main St. and S. Ocean Avenue).  But, this records the owners of a generation or two later than the Revolution. There are lists of those who took loyalty oaths to the Association (with the Continental Congress and Committees of Correspondence) and those who recanted and swore loyalty to Crown and Parliament.  But, they do not specify who was from Patchogue, though some lists indicate those who refused the oath as well, that they might be subject to retribution.

There is also the case of Captain Jonathan Baker, member of one of the first families in the area, and successful soldier in the Suffolk County Militia and in the Minute Men, yet arrested in 1776 as a Tory sympathizer, and imprisoned.  However, that same year, he returned to the community, eventually occupying, in common with many Tories who remained in the area after the Battle of Long Island, an abandoned home of a Patriot, in this case the former home of Ananias Smith.  Years later, the site, at Ananias Avenue and Clifton Drive, at the end of Bay Avenue, would be occupied by the Clifton Hotel.

The Patchogue-Medford Library Local History Room would like any information on the life and experiences of the village and villagers, during the American Revolution:  copies of documents, diary entries, correspondence, linking individuals to patriot or loyalist causes, occupation of the village, commandeering of local labor, goods, and property, extraction of oaths of allegiance, any local vessels involved in commerce or impressed into British service, or involved in naval engagements that took place on the (Great) South Bay.   Research leads and links would be most welcome.

--  1783-1812 
               See   Patchogue - History -  1783-1812  web page

--  War of 1812
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--  1815-1845  [Jacksonian Era & Communications Revolution] 
               See  Patchogue - History - 1815-1845  web page

--  Mexican War, 1846-1848
               See  Patchogue - History - Mexican War, 1846-1848  web page

--  1849-1860  [Antebellum Era]
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--  Civil War, 1861-1865 
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--  1865-1897  [Reconstruction and the Gilded Age]
               See  Patchogue - History - 1866-1897  web page

--  Spanish-American War, 1898
               See  Patchogue - History - 1898 [including the Spanish-American War]  web page 

--  1899-1914  [The Progressive Era]
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--  World War, 1914-1918
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--  1919-1929    [The Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, Rum Running] 
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--  1930-1939  [Great Depression, The New Deal, The Darkening Scene]
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---  LI Vertical File Sampler:

  • "Federal Agents and Local Police Make Raid on Fred Thurber's Shop:  Prohibition Men  Pay Second Visit -- Find Slot Machine and Call Local Officers -- Held on Two Counts."  Patchogue Advance, October 30, 1931:  p. 1.
  • "Federal Men Raid Malt Shop Here and Bellport Drug Store:  Rough Rider Clashes with Lawyer Schoenfeld -- Is Arrested and Reprimanded:  Shackman and Lucas are Held in Bail of $1,000 Each for Federal Court Appearance in Brooklyn as Result of Dry Agents' Visit Here Yesterday Afternoon."  Patchogue Advance, January 20, 1933:  pp. 1, 4.
  • "Repeal Came Quietly:  Tuesday was Just Another Day So Far as Local Observance Went."  Suffolk County News, December 8, 1933:  p. 1.  

--  World War, 1939-1945
               See  Patchogue - History - World War, 1939-1945  web page

--  1946-1950  [Growth of Suburbia, Baby Boom, Dawn of the Cold War]
               See Patchogue - History, 1946-1949  web page

--  1950-1959  [Eisenhower Era]
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--  Korean War, 1950-1953
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--  1960-1969  [Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon Era, Age of Causes, Polarization, Turmoil]
               See  Patchogue - History, 1960-1964  web page
               See also  Patchogue - History - Vietnamese Conflict, 1965-1975  web page

--  Vietnamese Conflict, 1965-1975
               See  Patchogue - History -- Vietnamese Conflict, 1965-1975  web page

--  1970-1979  [Generation X, Lunar Landing, Age of Nixon and Carter]
               See  Patchogue - History, 1976-1979  web page 
               See also  Patchogue - History -- Vietnamese Conflict, 1965-1975  web page

--  1980-1989  [Age of Automation, and of Reagan]
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--  1990-1999  [Early Internet, Age of Speculation]
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---  Persian Gulf War, 1991
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--  2000-2014    [9-11, Hand-Held Communications, Terror, & Dire Predictions]
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---  September 11, 2001 Remembrances
                See  Patchogue - History - September 11, 2001 Remembrances  web page

---  U.S.-Afghan War, 2001-Present

---- Murphy, Lt. Michael Patrick, 1976-2005  [U.S. Navy Seal;  posthumous recipient of the Congressional Medal of
                  Honor for valor in Afghanistan; Patchogue Post Office, High School, and U.S. Navy warship were named or
                  renamed in his honor, in 2006; Lt. Murphy hailed from North Patchogue]

----  PML Catalog Sampler:

--- Bishop, Staff Sgt. Keith [Patchogue High School graduate, kia in Afghanistan, with U.S. special forces; recipient of
               bronze star, U.S.Army Medal of Commendation for Valor, among other recognitions]

---  U.S.-Iraq War, 2003-2011
                See Patchogue - History, 2000-2009 web page

---  2010-2020
                See Patchogue - History, 2010-2019 web page

---  2020-2029
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