Local - Long Island - New York State History

A bit of orientation:  The major web pages in this section are arranged from larger to smaller geographic areas, which is not to imply that the latter are any less important.   Relative interest and significance is in the eye of the beholder.  It's useful to recognize that  information that can be found at the different geographic levels (listed below) is often mutually supportive, helps fill in the blanks, can sometimes provide a larger context, a more specific example, an exception to the rule, and a better understanding of what happened, and why it may have happened in a particular way.) 

Each of the 4 major web pages (below) is classified.   Additional satellite pages usually follow, on various themes (see also the pull-down menus):

New York State History begins with a General section (which is subdivided), followed by a series of  subjects on topics ranging alphabetically from Adirondacks to Women's History and Women's Suffrage.   In addition to these listings, there are a series of satellite web pages dealing with other important aspects of NYS History:   Classic NYS Histories & Document Collections;  Historical Periods (ranging from the Colonial Period to World War II); Census, Naturalization, Vital & Related Records; NYS Colleges & Universities; NYS Counties;  NYS Cities; Colonial & State Governors; and U.S. Leaders from NYS  (Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents, & Supreme Court Justices).

Long Island History similarly begins with a General section (also subdivided), followed by subjects, arranged alphabetically, from African-American History to Women's History & Women's Suffrage.   Satellite web pages dealing with other important aspects of Long Island History:   Classic L.I. Histories & Document Collections; L.I. Indian Prehistory & History (and web pages on the history of the 3 federally or state-recognized tribes on L.I.); Historical Periods (ranging from the Colonial Period to World War II); L.I. County Histories; Outer Islands of L.I.; L.I. Town Histories; and L.I. Village Histories.

Patchogue-Medford Area History starts with topics ranging alphabetically from Associations to Oral History, followed links (or pull-down menus) for histories of the 4 villages that comprise the area:  East Patchogue, Medford, North Patchogue, and Patchogue.  Of these, Patchogue is most prominent as it is an incorporated village with a Village Historian and an historical society.  Patchogue Village History starts with a General section (that is subdivided), followed by subjects alphabetically arraged, from Al-Queda to World War, 1939-1945.   There are also satellite pages on:  Association; Biography; Business & Industrial History; Educational History; Historical Periods (ranging from General to U.S.-Afghan War, 2001-Present); Historical Buildings & Structures; Literary History; Maritime History; Patchogue Fire Department History; Patchogue Police (Constabulary) History; and Religious History.