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Patchogue-Medford Area History  [Brookhaven Town, Suffolk County, N.Y.]

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---  American Legion.  Patchogue Post # 269

  • "35 Years Ago, August 15, 1919" (Notes from the Advance Files).  Patchogue Advance, August 12, 1954:  [n.p.]  -- formation of the Post by WWI veterans
  • "Service Men Make Big Hit in Show:  'Over and Back' Scores Here and at Camp Upton:  American Legion Members Display Talent in Show Comprising Wide Variety of Acts -- A Financial Success."  Patchogue Advance,  April 9, 1920:  p. 1.
  • "Dr Hoole, Co. Chairman:  American Legion Posts in Annual Conventiuon in Setauket."  Suffolk County News, September 1, 1922:  p. 8.
  • "75 Years Ago" (From the Archives of the Long Island Advance).  Long Island Advance, June 10, 2004:  p. 29.  [1929]
  • John J. Kelly Heads Patchogue Legion Post."  Suffolk County News, October 15, 1937:  p. 2.
  • "Plans Expansion."  County Review, June 14, 1945:  p. 3.
  • "50 Years Ago" (From the Archives of the Long Island Advance).  Long Island Advance, February 5, 2004:  p. 23. -- monument [1954]
  • "Board Bows to Legion Demand for Probe."  Suffolk County News, December 4, 1958:  p. 8.
  • Educators Cleared:  Bd. Probe Upholds Trio's Americanism.  Patchogue Advance, December 11, 1958:  p. 1.
  • "County Legionnaires Met at Patchogue Post."  The Watchman, February 16, 1967:  p. 7.
  • Dumas, Edward.  "American Legion Post Needs Help for Cannons."  Long Island Advance, June 30, 1988:  p. 18.
  • Dumas, Edward.  "Cannon Restoration Continues." Long Island Advance, August 25, 1988:  [n.p.]
  • Dumas, Edward.  "Volunteers Begin Work on American Legion Cannons." Long Island Advance. August 11, 1988:  p. 29.
  • Hanson, Harry T.  "History of Patchogue Post # 269."  [Patchogue, NY:  The Post, n.d.]
  • "Legion Post, a Sprightly 70, Ambitiously Looks Forward."  Main Street Press, [n.d.]:  pp. 1, 7.
  • Patchogue Post No. 269.  [Patchogue, NY:  The Post, n.d.:  n.p.]
  • Fuentes, Nicole.  "New American Legion Post Commander."  Long Island Advance, June 9, 2022:  p. 3.

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--- Oral History

  • Patchogue-Medford Schools 6th and 7th Grade Oral History Projects: General Index to Interviews Transcriptions, 1985-1986, that Appeared in:  Patchogue Then and Now (1985), The Patchwork Book, v. 1 (1985), and The Patchwork Book, v. 2 (1986 PMJHS Oral History Transcription Indexcomp. by Mark Rothenberg (Patchogue-Medford Library.  Celia M. Hastings Local History Room) 

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