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Literary History of Patchogue, NY

--  King, George S.

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--  McGonigle, Thomas

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--  Overton, Frank B., 1867-[19??]  [Physician, Author of standard college medical textbooks; early Trustee of Patchogue Library]

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--  Overton, Grant Martin, 1887-1930  [Novelist]

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-- Porter, Sylvia Feldman, 1913-1991

-- Roberts, Betsey Ann Smith  [acid-penned (vitriolic) poet; oneof Patchogue's "Four Sisters"]

  • Roberts, Betsey Ann Smith.  Original Poems, 2nd ed.  [Patchogue, NY:]  Patchogue Advance Print, 1894.  (Internet Archive)
  • Roberts, Betsey Ann Smith.  What an Old Horse Said.  Patchogue, NY:  Printed at the Office of the "Advance", 1876.  (Internet Archive)

--  Smith, Elizabeth Oakes (Prince), 1806-1893

          [Nationally-renowned American author, poet, lecturer, abolitionist, early suffragist; wife of American nationally-known humorist Seba Smith; arrived in Patchogue, 1860, moved to Blue Point, NY, 1869; then to Beaufort, NC, d.1893, buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, eventually removed to Lakeview Cemetery, Patchogue]

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  • Chronology (Elizabeth Oakes [Prince] Smith, [1806-1893]) 

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  • Tarzia, Ann.  Elizabeth Oakes Smith:  A Woman Not of Her Time [B.A. thesis].  {Patchogue, NY]:  St. Joseph's College, 1984.
  • Oakes (Prince) Smith, Elizabeth.  ed. by Mary Alice Wyman.  New York:  Arno Press, 1924, repr. 1980.
  • Richards, Wynola L.  
  • Gombieski, Jane S. and Mallory Leoniak.  To Get the Vote:  Woman Suffrage Leaders in Suffolk County

-- Smith, Seba, 1792-1868  [husband of Elizabeth Oakes Smith, nationally-renowned American political humorist, arrived in Patchogue, 1860, d. 1868, husband of Elizabeth Oakes Prince Smith; buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Patchogue; removed to Lakeview Cemetery, Patchogue]

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