Patchogue - Civil War, 1861-1865

Patchogue - Civil War, 1861-1865

-- General

-- Edenvale [historic village, near Patchogue]

  • "Military Matters on Long Island: The Banner Town." New York Times, August 12, 1862: p. 8. -- see last paragraph

-- Genealogy

  • Jeremiah Jay Robinson, 1836-1907 (Surnames Databases of Long Island Genealogy)
  • Willett Hawkins Robinson, 1841-1918 (Surnames Databases of Long Island Genealogy) 

-- Regimental histories (Some of the regiments served by people recruited in Patchogue, N.Y.)

--- Artillery battery [big guns]

--- Cavalry regiments [horse soldiers]

--- Infantry regiments [foot-soldiers]

--- Infantry brigade [a brigade was comprised of 2 or more regiments; the basic battlefield formation during most major
              Civil War land engagements]

-- Grand Army of the Republic [GAR]. Richard J. Clark Post, No. 210

-- Monument

  • Zinc Sculpture (Smithsonian Institution. Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute) - Note that Fig. 2 is Patchogue's Civil War Monument, in front of the Vilage Hall; once the subject of theft, and later restoration
  • Fuentes, Nicole.  "War Statue Returns."  Long Island Advance, May 9, 2019: p. 1.
  • Fuentes, Nicole.  "A Mostly Forgotten Soldier Remembered."  Long Island Advance, May 23, 2019: p. 10 -- Henry Edgar Ackerly, one of the many names that can be found on the monument.

-- Fire Island (slave ship Augusta)

  • "Capture of Two Slavers on Long Island." Brooklyn Eagle, November 19, 1861: p. 2. -- Appleton Oakesmith & crew apprehended
  • "The Bark Augusta." Brooklyn Eagle, November 21, 1861: p. 11. -- Habeas corpus suspended

--  Libby Prison

  • "Old Lock Gives LI Family Link to Old South."  Newsday, November 4, 1959:  p. 38.  -- Jett family lock to the gate of Libby Prison;  see also Libby Prison (Encyclopedia Virginia)

-- Smith, Elizabeth Oakes

          See also  Literary History of Patchogue, NY web page under  Smith, Elizabeth Oakes (Prince), 1806-1893 and
                                     under  Smith, Seba, 1792-1868

  • "Sweet Maggie Turned Sour in Civil War." Suffolk News, [May] 28, 1961: [n.p.]

-- Suffolk Herald (Patchogue, NY)

  • "Not Secession." New York Times, August 29, 1861: p. 1.

-- Union Meetings

  • "Patchogue..." (Friday, Oct. 14th. Union Meetings. Meetings Appointed by the Union National and State Committees)." New York Times, October 14, 1864: p. 8.