Long Island - 1783-1861

History, 1783-1812

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History - War of 1812

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  • Ross, Peter.  "The War of 1812 -- Naval Operations Around Long Island."  In  History of Long Island:  From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, vol. 1.  New York; Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1903:  pp. 250-255.
  • Ross, Peter.  "The Chain of Forts -- Military Activity in Kings County -- The Katydids and Other Heroes -- The Popular Uprising."  In  History of Long Island:  From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, vol. 1.  New York; Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1903:  pp. 256-265.
  • Thompson, Benjamin F.  "War of 1812."  In  History of Long Island:  From Its Discovery and Settlement to the Present Time.  Newe York:  Robert H. Dodd, 1918:  pp. 397-401.

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  • Wood, Clarence Aston.  "South Haven's 1813 Tragedy."  Long Island Forum, 51(8)  August 1946:  pp.  149-150. -- Fireplace fishermen, fish in the dark, get caught unaware in a tide, lose their boat, and at first drown, their calls for help going unheeded; after which nearby rival fishermen, with whom they had quarreled are placed under a cloud of suspicion.

History, 1815-1848

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  • "When L.I. was a State and had a 'Governor', but Only for One Night."  Main Street Press, November 8, 1984:  p. 6.  -- Started as a spoof, formed a group (actively including L.I. historian Benjamin F. Thompson), that lasted several years, receiving recognition only on one night, when Alden J. Spooner, supposed Governor, and his delegation, crashed U.S. President-elect William Henry Harrison's national victory celebration in NYC, in 1841, and the guests went along with the joke.
  • Boutcher, Esther Penny.  "1845 Preface to Pearl Harbor."  Long Island Forum, 51(6) June 1946:  pp.  105-106, 119. -- Mistitled, it should be "1845 Prelude to Matthew Perry's Opening of Japan", but this was written less than one year after the close of WW II, and reflects it.   Recounts part of the Pacific journey of Capt. Mercator Cooper of the whaling ship, Manhattan, of Sag Harbor.  Rescuing and returning two groups of shipwrecked Japanese, he obtained books, a valuable chart, and the Emperors good will, over a 4 day stay, but was told never to return; an adventure and chart perhaps having inspired Perry's later 1853 visit.
  • "Pensions for Mexican War Veterans."  Patchogue Advance, January 20, 1883:  p. 2.  

History, 1848-1861

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  • Nye, Russell B.  "'Stonewall' Jackson on Long Island."  Long Island Forum, 3(10) October 1940:  219-220. -- At Ft. Hamilton [as was Robert E. Lee], 1848-1850.
  • DeWan, George.  "A Life Cut Short by the Sea:  Massachusetts Feminist Scholar and Her Family Lost Their Lives Off Long Island's Shore"  (Long Island:  Our Story).  Newsday, September 19, 2000:  p. A26. -- Margaret Fuller and the wreck of the ship, Elizabeth, off Point-of-Woods, Fire Island, NY. 
  • Marhoeffer, Barbara.  "Up and Away It Went!" (Long Island Log).  [?, n.d.:  n.p.].  -- An 1856 balloon ride and near disaster over L.I. Sound. 
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