Library History - Images


  • John Joseph Craven [as he appeared in 1863], first President of Patchogue Library Association, 20 years later
  • George D. Gerard, first Vice-President of Patchogue Library Association
  • Floyd A. Overton - first designated "Librarian" for Patchogue Library Association (1883-84).  Later became Cashier (i.e., CEO) of the new Patchogue Bank, in 1884.
  • Jesse C. Mills -- Owner of the Mills Building (S.E. corner of Main St. & Ocean Ave.), principal shareholder in the New Lyceum, and Member, Patchogue Library Association Board of Trustees.  He was able to offer the Library a temporary home in the Lyceum, at a lower rental rate than it had previously been paying.  In 1899, he made the formal proposal to the Library Board that the Patchogue Sorosis take over the Library collection for a year, run it as a demonstration public library, andto have support for public library, to replace the association library, to a vote at a school board meeting.  If the vote had failed, the Library and collection would have reverted to Patchogue Library Association.  Its passage ensured a new phase in its history.