Walking Tours

This section offers two recently developed walking tours.   

The first, a Walking Tour of Downtown Patchogue, presents some newly uncovered research findings, as it re-introduces in surprising architectural and historic detail, buildings that may otherwise be pretty much taken for granted, as people walk by them daily.  There are three ways to take the tour:   (1)  You can download and view them as a PDF.  (2)  You can hear and view them on your mobile device.   Or, (3) Flip through the pages of the tour on Digital PML. 

The second, a Walking Tour of Library Historyupdates and expands an informal centennial tour.  The new tour takes a now and then approach.   As you walk along several streets in the heart of Patchogue, the current building is shown, followed by what was there when the Library there, and/or its role in library history, at between 1883 and now. (1)  Click on the map's numbered stops on your mobile device (current view).  Then click again for more, to get the earlier view.   Or, (b) Download and print the tour and map.