Patchogue, N.Y.

Patchogue, N.Y. -- History  (Area of village deeded to John Winthrop Jr., Governor of Connecticut Colony in 1664; founded by lottery, during the French and Indian War, in 1756; incorporated as a village, in 1893)
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-- General

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---  Historic Images 

  • Patchogue  (Steven Lynch, ex-Patchogue resident, Trains are -- A very well- researched, nicely presented site, not limited solely to LIRR-iana:  includes photos, maps, sketches, a classic Edward Lange painting (in black and white) of a view from the Patchogue River
  • Patchogue Village's Photos - Historic Images of Patchogue (Facebook.  Patchogue Village)
  • A. Noble Chapman Collection (Queens Library Digital Archives) -- Chapman, and his older brother, William, worked as photographers in Patchogue from app. 1905 to app. 1920.  Includes views of individuals, groups, churches, homes and businesses in Patchogue and the surrounding villages.

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---  Water Island   [barrier island, opposite Patchogue, across Great South Bay]

--  Al-Qaeda  [Bryant Neal Vinas, a/k/a "Bashir the American"] 

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-- Associations
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-- Bishop, Staff Sgt. Keith
             [Patchogue High School graduate, kia in Afghanistan, with U.S. special forces; recipient of bronze star, U.S. Army Medal
             of Commendation for Valor, among other recognitions]

-- Blizzards

-- Boatyards, Boatbuilding, Shipbuilding, Boat Racing, Shipwrecks, & Maritime History 
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-- Briarcliffe College.  Patchogue Campus
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-- Business Improvement District (BID)
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-- Cemeteries
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---  General

  • Burial Index (Inc. Village of Patchogue.  Cemetery Restoration Committee of Patchogue)  -- links to 2 Find a Grave pages for Lakeview Cem. (402 names) and Waverly Cemetery (877 names) interments
  • Photos:  Cemeteries of Patchogue , by Krystle L. Di Nicola (Neighborhood Files, Patchogue Patch, Dec. 5, 2010) - Also includes article on Lakeview cemetery complex

---  Cedar Grove Cemetery

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---  Lakeview Cemetery

  • Cemetery History (Friends Of Lakeview Cemeteries)
  • Cemetery History (Inc. Village of Patchogue.  Cemetery Restoration Committee of Patchogue) -- essentially Lakeview Cemetery, actually 5 historic cemeteries
  • Graves of Those Lost at Sea and Buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery [i.e., Lakeview Cemetery] ( - Legible color photos of each tombstone of victims of two shipwrecks, Louis V. Place (Feb. 8, 1895) and Nahum Champin (Jan. 21, 1897).  The wreck of the Louis V. Place was particularly horrific, with ice-encased corpses swinging in the rigging, by the time help could finally reach the ship, and only 1 survivor, later also buried here.   
  • John "Rock" Smith's Descendants Recorded on Unique Monument in Lakeview Cemetery, Patchogue ( -- erected by one of Patchogue's "Four Sisters," Ruth Newey Smith, a somewhat delightfuly-caustic poet (daughter of Micah Smith, whose house near the foot of S. Ocean Ave. was built in 1812) -- the entire known family genealogy to that point is on all 4 sides of this monument, something of a mind-blowing wonder to behold (the staures of Faith, Hope, Liberty, and Charity "modestly" represent the four sisters, known locally for their charitable acts and business acumen)
  • Honor The Fallen: Patchogue Group Protects, Restores Veteran Gravestones -- (May 27, 2019,

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---  Patchogue Hebrew Cemetery 

               [Holtsville, NY; of Temple Beth-El, Patchogue, NY]

  • Patchogue Hebrew Cemetery [Holtsville, NY]  (Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island) -- Temple Beth El burials and reinterments; The Cemetery is listed about 4/5ths of the way down the page

---  Waverly Avenue Cemetery

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-- French and Indian War [Seven Years' War], 1754-1763
              See  Historical Periods of Patchogue, NY web page

-- City Of Peace Designation

  • Leuzzi, Linda.  "Two Peace Poles And Memorials, City Of Peace."  Long Island Advance, September 24, 2020: p. 1, 9.
  • Fuentes, Nicole.  "Peaceful And Proud!"  Long Island Advance, September 2, 2021: p. 3

-- Civil War, 1861-1865
            See Historical Periods of Patchogue, NY  web page
            See also  Cemeteries
            See also  Craven, John Joseph
            See also   Havens, John S.
            See also  Oakes (Prince) Smith, Elizabeth
             See also  Smith, Gilbert Monroe

-- Clare Rose, Inc.
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             See also  Clare Rose Playhouse

-- Clare Rose Playhouse
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-- Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775
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-- COVID-19 Pandemic [2020]
               See Historical Periods of Patchogue, NY - 2020-2029 web page

-- Craven, John Joseph
              See also  Civil War, 1861-1865
              See also  Literary History of Patchogue  web page
              See also  Patchogue-Medford Library History web page

-- Crime and criminals
               See also  Lucero, Marcelo  [murder victim]
               See also  MacDonald, Jeffrey [murder]

-- Cycling

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-- D'Ambrosio, Franc

-- Directories 

  • Patchogue (  Rootsweb.  1868-69 Curtin's Long Island Directory)
  • The Argus Business and Residential Directory of Patchogue, N.Y., with Historical Sketch: 1904.  Patchogue, NY:  L.B. Green, Publisher (Internet Archive)  -- The Argus, was for many years, the chief Patchogue competitor of the Advance] (Internet Archive) - Includes 1904 Patchogue street map p.[5], an alphabetic list of streets and avenues (pp. 7-8), a History of Patchogue, pp. 9-11, the Residential Directory (pp. 12-26), a Patchogue Telephone Directory [2 digits + sometimes followed by one letter, e.g.:  Patchogue 47 m, or Patchogue 53 b, followed by a name and address], pp. 28-30, scattered, advertisements throughout, illustrations, photos and portraits of prominent places, businesses, and individuals, Fraternal Societies (p. 40), the Business Directory (pp. 57-61), followed by lists of the members of the local Board of Education, Teachers of Patchogue Schools, and Board of Health (p. 61) , a directory of Churches (p. 62), Church Societies (pp. 62-63, by denomination), Village Officials (p. 63), Patchogue Post Office (officials to letter-carriers, p. 63), Patchogue Fire Department (officers, companies, Exempt Firemen's Association, p. 64), Location of Fire Hydrants (pp. 64-65), Sporting Clubs, Social and Literary Clubs, Patchogue Free Library (p. 65), concluding with an Index (to general-interest material, Illustrations, and Advertisements, pp. [66-68].     

--  Dodge City Amusement Park

  • Henke, Hans.  "Dodge City Amusement Park."  In  Patchogue:  Queen City of Long Island's South Shore:  In the Twentieth Century.  Blue Point, NY:  Printed by AGC Printing & Design, for the Author, [2006]:  pp. 196-197.
  • "Hey Kids...Get Ready for Lots of Pistol Packin' Action!:  Grand Opening of 'Dodge City', Sunrise Highway, Patchogue, Long Island, N.Y., Saturday, June 29th."  Newsday, June 28, 1957:  p. 47.
  • Olms, Win.  "Dodge City Visit Wed." (Town Rec. Committee Doings).  Patchogue Advance, July 9, 1957:  p. 19.

--  Earthquake

-- Educational Institutions, El-Hi
               See  Educational History of Patchogue, NY  web page
               See also  Religious Institutions       

-- Educational Institutions, Higher
               See  Educational History of Patchogue, NY  web page

-- Edwin Bailey & Sons Lumber Mills
               See  Business & Industrial History of Patchogue, NY web page, under  Mills and Factories

-- Environment
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-- Family Melody Center

-- Fire Island National Seashore.  Headquarters  (120 Laurel Street, Patchogue, NY)

-- Firefighting History, Patchogue Fire Department & Its Companies       
             See  Patchogue Fire Department History web page  

-- Gay Marriage

-- General Stores and Public Houses
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-- Ghost Stories

-- Gordon, Irving

-- Gualaceo, Ecuador & Patchogue, NY
              See also  Lucero, Marcelo  (below)

-- Hart's Tavern

  • April, 1790  (U.S.  Library of Congress.  The Diaries of George Washington, v. 6, Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig, eds.  -- See entry of April 22nd; a Patchogue lunch stop by the new President, on his whirlwind tour of L.I. (part of a brief escape, from the pressure of constantly setting precedents at the new national capital, at New York)
  • The Hart's Tavern Mystery (Long Island Stories)

-- Hotels, Taverns, Restaurants
              See  Business & Industrial History of Patchogue, NY web page
              See also  "L.I. - Patchogue - Hotels..."  vertical files

--  Hospitals

---  Brookhaven Memorial Hospital
                 See also  L.I. -- Hospitals -- Brookhaven Memorial Hospital (East Patchogue)  vertical file

  • "1956 to 1961:  The Early Years -- Selling the Idea of a Hospital"  [s.l.:  s.n., n.d.]

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---  Clayton [or South Shore] Convalescent Home  (East Main Street & Rose Avenue)

  • Jones, Fred. The Creek:  The Patchogue River.  Patchogue, NY:  The Author, 1986, repr. 1997:  p. 531.  
  • "Personal, Social, and Local Items."  Patchogue Advance, May 11, 1948:  p. 3. 

---  Community [or Bay Avenue] Hospital   [311 Bay Avenue, established 1929]

  • "Man Killed; Two Injured:  In Auto Collision at Selden Last Saturday Night." Suffolk County News, November 7, 1930:  p. 3.   -- taken to Bay Ave. Hospital
  • "Ends Life at Medford:  Sanitorium Worker was Despondent Over Continued Ill Health."  Suffolk County News, July 29, 1932:  p. 1.  -- d. in Bay Ave. Hospital
  • "Driver has Arm Torn Off as Hit-Run Truck Sideswipes Car."  Suffolk County News, August 24, 1934:  p. 1. 
  • "Community Hospital" [advertisement].  Patchogue Advance, July 12, 1935:  p. 2.
  • "Prof. Czina Retires; Miss O'Connor, Nurse, to Conduct Hospital:  New Proprietor of Bay Avenue Institution Veteran of Morisania in New York."  Patchogue Advance, September 20, 1935:  p. 1.
  • "100 Years Ago"  (From the Archives of the Long Island Advance).  Long Island Advance, September 23, 2010:  p. 14.

---  Home for Destitute Crippled Children in New York City  (previously Mrs. Richter's Sanitorium)

  • "100 Years Ago" (From the Archives of the Long Island Advance).  Long island Advance, May 29, 2008:  p. 24.

---  (John van Brunt) Roe Hospital

  • "Miss Nettie Roe" (Obituaries).  Patchogue Advance, March 27, 1928:  p. 4.
  • "Spend $10,000 Trying to Locate Roe Nephew:  Executors of Estate of Nettie Roe Unable to Find Trace of "John J. Roe" -- Estate Goes for Hospital of Relative Not Located."  Patchogue Advance, November 13, 1928:  pp. 1, 3.
  • "Generous Offer of Hospital Site."  Patchogue Advance, June 3, 1930:  p. 12.
  • "Move to Settle Nettie Roe Estate May Provide Public Hospital."  Patchogue Advance, August 15, 1930:  pp. 1, 3.
  • "Nearing Windup in Roe Estate:  Prospect of Public Hospital Develops:  Persons Interested in Nettie Roe Property Cited in Surrogate's Court -- Missing Nephew Not Found."  Patchogue Advance, September 19, 1930:  pp. 1, 5.
  • "Roe Heir is Still Missing:  $300,000 Therefore Goes for Memorial Hospital:  Under Terms of Will;  Two-Year Search for Nephew of Late Nettie M. Roe, of Patchogue, is Unavailing -- Blue Point Church Gets $1,000 Under H.D. Rogers' Will."  Suffolk County News, December 26, 1930:  pp. 1, 8.
  • "To Discuss Plans for Porposed Roe Memorial Hospital." Suffolk County News, April 17, 1936:  p. 8.
  • "Patchogue Hospital Site on Roe Blvo. [i.e., Blvd.] Approved by Board."  Suffolk County News, September 11, 1936:  p. 8.
  • "Action to Break Roe Will Halts Hospital Plans."  Suffolk County News, March 19, 1937:  p. 8.
  • "To Proceed with New Hospital."  Suffolk County News, June 25, 1937:  p. 9.
  • "Speaking on New Hospital Site Pelletreau Gives Local History."  Argus, December 28, 1937:  n.p.
  • "Turning the Sod with an Audience."  Argus, December 28, 1937:  n.p.
  • "Continue Plans for Patchogue Hospital Desdpite Impending Action in Courts."  Suffolk County News, March 4, 1938:  p. 2.
  • "Order Delays Plans for Roe Hospital."  Suffolk County News, March 11, 1938:  p. 3.
  • "Reserves Decision on Hospital Writ."  Suffolk County News, March 25, 1938:  p. 9.
  • "Declares Hospital Bequest Valid."  Suffolk County News, July 15, 1938:  p. 9.
  • "Surrogate Hawkins Denies Petition of Second Cousins in Roe Will Action:  Involved Patchogue's Proposed Municipal Hospital, Funds for Which are Provided in Nettie M. Roe Will."  Patchogue Advance, September 23, 1938:  p. 2.
  • "Heirs File Objections to Trustee Accounts in Nettie M. Roe Estate."  County Review, April 4, 1940:  p. 14.
  • "Hospital Auxiliary Quits, Divides Funds."  Patchogue Advance, November 22, 1940:  p. 1.
  • "Nettie Roe's Estate is $340,761 Net After Payments to Architect and Lawyers, for Site, Other Items."  Patchogue Advance, December 20, 1940:  pp. 1, 2.
  • "'Roe Hospital' Tract is Sold for $2,250 in Liquidating Estate:  Other Real Estate, Mortgages, Personal Property of Well Known Woman Disposed of at Auction."  Patchogue Advance, November 14, 1941:  p. 12.

---  Patchogue [or Mrs. Hughes'] Private Hospital  (98 Carman Street; formerly Carman family homestead)

  • "50 Years Ago -- May 3, 1935" (Notes from the L.I. Advance Files).  Long Island Advance, May 2, 1985:  p. 24.
  • "Hermit is Saved from Fire and Ice:  Coast Guards are Forced to Fight Flames and Weather to Rescue Recluse; Gasoline Lamp Explodes; Injured Man is Carried 25 Miles to Patchogue After Channel is Cut for Boat."  New York Times, December 29, 1935:  p. N 1. -- Following this dramatic rescue, and an awaiting ambulance, he was brought to Patchogue Private Hospital
  • "Accused in Death, Injured."  New York Times, January 19, 1936:  p. N 2.  -- Reports a 2-time hit and run driver (which resulted in at least 1 fatality), out on bail, after (ironically) being struck by the car of another driver, being taken to this hospital, with serious injuries
  • "Girl, Father Hurt as Train Hits Auto:  2 Children Playing Near by Also Hurt at Patchogue -- Woman Killed at Farmingdale."  New York Times, January 27, 1936:  p. 7.  -- Reports occupants of the car being taken to this hospital
  • "Patchogue Private Hospital is Closed for the Time Being."  Patchogue Advance, February 12, 1937:  p. 7. 
  • "Private Hospital:  Specializing in the Care of the Aged, Chronic and Convalescent Cases, Margaret Hughes, R.N., Telephone Patchogue 702" [advertisement].  Patchogue Advance, May 5, 1939:  p. 11.

---  Dr. Unger's Hospital
               Note:  Building demolished, August 2012.

  • "West Sayville:  The Rev. van Antwerpen Accepts Call to Reformed Church:  Will Arrive in Two Weeks; After a Troublous Winter, Strike Forces Oystermen to Ship by Truck.  Fishing Fleet Goes to Sound with Port Jefferson as Headquarters." Suffolk County News, April 16, 1920:  p. 3.  -- 21st paragraph refers to an appendectomy at Dr. Unger's Hospital
  • "Patchogue."  Suffolk County News, June 25, 1920:  p. 9.  -- 8th paragraph refers to a death in Dr. Unger's Hospital, attributed to "sleeping sickness", followed by a coma
  • "Patchogue Man Killed:  Car Overturned in Brookhaven Early This Morning."  Suffolk County News, July 9, 1920:  p. 1.  -- refers to a death and a probable recovery following an automobile accident and delivery of patients to this hospital
  • "Coram."  Port Jefferson Echo, July 24, 1920:  p. 1. -- refers to a man "in serious condition", in this hospital
  • "Perkinson-Ashton."  Suffolk County News, September 17, 1920:  p. 2.  -- refers to the wedding of a nurse, who worked at Dr. Unger's Hospital
  • "Suicide at Patchogue." Port Jefferson Echo, October 2, 1920:  p. 1.  -- refers to the death of a salesman, 30 years old, Dr. Unger being one of two doctors called in on the case
  • "Dr. Unger Collapses While at the Radio"  [obit.]. Watchman,   December 1, 1938:  p. 6.   

--  Hurricane of 1938
---  PML Catalog Sampler:

--  Hurricane Irene [2011]

--  Hurricane Sandy [2012]

  • Bonner, Ryan.  Hurricane Sandy in Photos (Patchogue Patch.  Year in Review, December 27, 2012)
  • Daly, Jennifer A.  "Superstorm Sandy: Ten Years Later" Long Island Advance, October 27, 2022: p. 1, 12, 13, 14.

--  Incorporated Village of Patchogue

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-- Junior Order United American Mechanics.  Farragut Council # 54
            See  Associations

--  Kaler, Richard David (kia Vietnam, 1966)

--  Knights of Columbus.  Patchogue Council # 725
               See  Associations

--  Ku Klux Klan

  • "Klan Initiates 200:  1,500 Attend Ceremonies at Middle Island, L.I.." [Dateline: "Patchogue, L.I., July 2."] New York Times, July 3, 1923:  p. 8.
  • "Patchogue."  Suffolk County News, April 25, 1924:  p. 2.  -- 5th paragraph metions four robed KKK members delivering $25 in singles to the Patchogue's First Baptist Church
  • "Ku Klux Klan Declares Against Gov. [Al] Smith:  Speaker Says 6,000,000 Members Will Oppose Any Catholic for the Presidency." [Dateline:  "Patchogue, L.I., April 26."] New York Times, April 27, 1924:  p. 2.
  • "Patchogue."  Suffolk County News, May 9, 1924:  p. 2. -- 15th paragraph, mentions white robed ritual Klan burial of Thomas N. Kemp, in Lakeview Cem., following the Congregational Church committal service, by Rev. L.H. Johnson
  • "Many Huntingtonians at K.K.K. Meeting:  Held at Yaphank Tuesday Night -- Address, Music and Red Lanterns."  Long Islander, August 1, 1924:  p. 2. -- Mentions that 2 bands furnished the music, one from Patchogue, the other from St. James Fire Department.
  • "Patchogue."  Suffolk County News, August 29, 1924:  p. 2.  -- 3rd paragraph, announces the forthcoming marriage at the Congregational Church, of Carolyn Bentley (of Maple Ave, Patchogue) to KKK County Kleagle Selah Hiscox (of East Patchogue). 
  • "Patchogue."  Suffolk County News, October 24, 1924:  p. 6. -- 5th to 8th paragraphs, refer to a large Klan rally (of 3,000), near "Baker's Farm, North Ocean Avenue, Patchogue", with the route lined with "the usual colored route lanterns," two placed at the Four Corners, the rest "scattered up Ocean Avenue," along with food, souvenirs, a Klan marriage, Klan initiations, hate speeches, and fiery crosses; immediately followed by a related subsection, "S.V. Hiscox No Longer Klan Kleagle"
  • "Refuse Klan Parade Plea:  Patchogue Trustees Say It Would Hurt Saturday Trade." [Dateline:  "Patchogue, L.I., June 24".]  New York Times, June 25, 1925:  p. 14.
  • "William G. Alexander" (Obituary).  Suffolk County News, July 17, 1925: p. 4.  -- Refers to what may have been his throat cancer, and of his memberships in St. Ann's Episcopal Church, Sayville Hose Co. No. 1, and the Ku Klux Klan, each sending a floral tribute 
  • "Patchogue Klan Parades:  Elks Clear Way for Gowned Marchers -- Legion has a Concert."  [Dateline:  "Patchogue, L.I., Aug. 1."]  New York Times, August 2, 1925:  p. 7.
  • "Klan Loses in Babylon:  Greenport Antis also Victorious in Suffolk County Elections."  New York Times, March 17, 1926:  p. 3. -- Final paragraph reports reelected Klan-sponsored candidates, including E.R. Bellman at Patchogue (last line).
  • "Long Island Villages Hold Annual Election."  Long Islander, March 19, 1926:  p. 8.  -- Refers to Frank Wellbacher, Chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Committee & KKK; and of the re-election of the Northport and Patchogue village presidents (implicitly with Klan support)
  • "Klan Routed by Suffolk Vote:  Every Ticket of Hooded Order Beaten at Village Elections in the County:  Once Strongest in State:  Democrats and the Old Guard Republicans are Gratified at the Results."  New York Times, March 22, 1926:  p. 17. -- Final paragraph reports the biggest upset was at Patchogue, where the entire "regular Republican" ticket completely swept the elections.  

--  Lace Mill
              See  Business & Industry web page, under  Mills and Factories

--  Lake Street Apartments (Formerly site of the [New] Lyseum, and prior to that of the Congregational Church)
               See also   Lyceum

-- Lighthouse

  • Leuzzi, Linda.  "Toot your horn for the lighthouse."  Long Island Advance, April 4, 2019: p. 3.
  • MacGowan, Carl.  "Beacon of hope: New lighthouse 'symbolizes' village's renaissance as a tourist destination."  Newsday, December 4, 2019: p. 17

-- Literary History
            See  Literary History of Patchogue, NY  web page
            See also   Patchogue-Medford Library web page

-- Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).  Patchogue Station

  • Chapter III:  The Era of Expansion:  Patchogue, Rockaway and Hunters Point, by Vincent F. Seyfried (The Long Island Rail Road, A Comprehensive History, Part One:  South Side R.R. of L.I. [1961] -- by the dean of LIRR historians
  • Patchogue (Steven Lynch, ex-Patchogue resident, Trains are  -- A very well researched, nicely presented, excellent site, not limited to solely LIRRiana:  includes photos, maps, sketches, even the often reprinted Edward Lange painting (in black and white) of a view from the Patchogue River
  • Patchogue (LIRR Station)  (Wikipedia) -- includes some great links

-- Lucero, Marcelo

---  PML Catalog Sampler:

-- Lyceum  
              Note:  There were actually two. Each, in it's time, was usually referred to simply, as "the Lyceum."  Both featured
                           concerts, minstrel shows, plays, lectures, and benefit shows.

---  Old Lyceum (1880s-early 1890s), began as the Clinton Roller Skating Rink, originally built perpendicular
                to the road, was located on East side of South Ocean Ave., North of Terry St.  After a run as the local showplace
                (theater), the building was turned parallel to the road, the lower floor being converted to shops, the upper floor
                to apartments. 

---  New Lyceum (1890's-1910's), intended to replace and surpass the Old Lyceum, as the village showplace,
                 incorporated the former Congregational Church building, located on the N. side of on Lake St., just W.
                 of today's Reese's 1900 bar & restaurant, at today's Lake Street Apartments.  The Church had just moved to its
                  present Main St. location.  
                  See also   Lake Street Apartments
                 See also  Theaters (Patchogue-Medford Library. Celia M. Hastings Local History Room.)

-- Maps
               See  Digital PML, under Maps  

-- MacDonald, Jeffrey R.

---  PML Catalog Sampler:
                 See also  "L.I. - Patchogue - Biography - MacDonald, Jeffrey" vertical file 

-- Masons, Free and Accepted.  South Side Lodge # 453
               See  Associations

-- Medical Services
               See also  Hospitals (above)

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-- Mills & Factories
                See  Business and Industrial History  web page, under  Mills & Factories

-- Mooney, Frank J.  ("Mr. Main Street")  [editor of the Main Street Press]
                See aslo  Newspapers - Main Street Press  (below)

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-- Murphy, Lt. Michael Patrick, 1976-2005  [U.S. Navy Seal; posthumous recipient of the Congressional Medal
                of Honor for valor in Afghanistan; Patchogue Post Office renamed in his honor, in 2006; Navy destroyer also
                named in his honor]
                See also  North Patchogue (N.Y.) History web page

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-- Museums
               See also  Historic Buildings
               See also  Swan River Schoolhouse
               See also  Patchogue-Medford Library History website [Carnegie Library, 2017]

-- Music
               See also  Lyceum

  • Guzmn, Rafer.  "Island Rocks Hall of Fame, Notes of Praise for LI Musicians, Patchogue Gala Kicks Off Inductions of Joan Jett, KISS member, Billy Joel and Others into Hall of Fame for Artists with Local Ties."  Newsday, October 16, 2006:  p. A6.
  • Long Island Ukulele Society (Patchogue Patch) [38 W. 1st St., Patchogue]

-- Newspapers
                See also  Literary History of Patchogue, NY  web page

---  General

--- Argus

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  • Argus [microfilm].  Patchogue Argus Corp.

---  Long Island Advance   (formerly The Advance and prior to that, Patchogue Advance)

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--- Long Island News 

--- Main St. Press
                See also  Mooney, Frank J.  (above)

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---  Patchogue Patch

---  Patchogue-Medford News

--  Oakes Smith, Elizabeth (Prince)
                See Smith, Elizabeth Oakes (Prince), 1806-1893

-- Patchogue Bay

-- Patchogue Chamber of Commerce

-- Patchogue Electric Lighting Company (PELCO)
              See also   L.I. -- Patchogue Electric Lighting Co. vertical file 

-- Patchogue Garden Club
              See  Associations  (above)
              See also  L.I. - Patchogue - Associations - Patchogue Garden Club

-- Patchogue-Medford Library
             See  Patchogue-Medford Library History web page
             See also  L.I. - Patchogue-Medford Library...   vertical files

-- Patchogue Post Office  [on the National Register of Historic Places for its art deco and classical revival architectural
              elements; architect John V. Van Pelt also designed Patchogue's Carnegie Library]
              See also  Murphy, Lt. Patrick P.   (above)
              See also  L.I. - Patchogue - Biography - Murphy, Michael Patrick

---  PML Catalog Sampler:

-- Patchogue River

---  PML Catalog Sampler:

-- Patchogue Theatre  [formerly Ward & Glynne's, opened 1923; restored; on the National Register of Historic Places]

-- Photographs, Postcards, and Illustrations, Historic

  • Crawling Westward on Main Street, Patchogue, 1940's ( -- also includes a 1930's view of downtown Center Moriches
  • Looking North on South Ocean Avenue (Spooner -- 4 views (1899-1911)
  • Patchogue (Steven Lynch, ex-Patchogue resident,Trains are  -- Well researched, nicely presented, not limited to solely LIRRiana:  includes photos, maps, sketches, even an Edward Lange painting (in black and white) of a view from the Patchogue River
  • [Patchogue, N.Y.]  (U.S.  Library of Congress.  Prints and Photographs Online Catalog)

-- Police (& Constabulary)
             See  Patchogue Police (and Constabulary) History web page
             See also  Crime and criminals
             See also  Prohibition Era

-- Prohibition Era  [Rum Running & Rum Row]
             See also  Ku Klux Klan

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-- Radio Station

-- Religious History and Institutions
            See  Religious History (of Patchogue)  web page
            See also  Cemeteries
            See also  Educational Historyunder  St. Joseph's University.  Patchogue Campus
            See also  Educational Historyunder  Seton Hall High School

-- Roe Court Walkway

-- St. Joseph's University.  Patchogue Campus   [on former campus of Seton Hall High School]
             See  Educational History of Patchogue, NY  web page

-- Seton Hall High School (1937-1974) [initially called Patchogue Catholic High School, 1937-1941; present location of 
              St. Joseph's University. Patchogue Campus]
              See   Educational History of Patchogue, NY web page

-- Sharp, Edgar Allan  [popular banjo player in typically bigoted Patchogue minstrel shows; erected entertainment hall
              at Camp Upton for the troops, on behalf of Knights of Columbus; made commander, Knights of Columbus troop
              support operations [pre-USO], British Isles, WW I; entertained Gen. Pershing; toured Western Europe in immediate
              post-war era; entered local, state,  & national politics; becoming a U.S. Congressman] 

-- Trolley Line  (Suffolk Traction Company)

-- Spanish-American War, 1898
               See  Historical Periods of Patchogue, NY web page

-- Sports

-- Theaters
               See also  Clare Rose Playhouse
               See also  Lyceum
               See also  Patchogue Theatre

---  General

---  Unique Theatre [later, Rialto Theater]

--  Van Pelt, John Vredenburgh (1874-1962)  [architect]

-- Waterfront and Waterfront Revitalization
               See  Maritime History of Patchogue, NY  web page

-- Women's History
               See also  Literary History of Patchogue, NY web page
               See also  "L.I. - Patchogue - Women" vertical file

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-- World War, 1914-1918
               See  World War, 1914-1918 web page

-- World War, 1939-1945
               See  World War, 1939-1945 web page