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America's All-Star Libraries:  Top U.S. libraries are designated annually by the American Library Association, in the early November issue of  Library Journal. Patchogue-Medford Library has been designated an All-Star Library, 2011-2016: 

  • Lyons, Ray & Keith Curry Lance.  "All the Stars, State by State" (Managing Libraries.  LJ Index of Public Library Service.  Class of 2011Library Journal, November 1, 2011 -- click on the map of New York State, or scroll down to the NYS entriesLyons, Ray & Keith Curry Lance.  "LJ Index, 2012:  2012 Stars, State by State" (Managing Libraries.  LJ Index of Public Library Service.  Class of 2012Library Journal, November 8, 2012) -- Patchogue-Medford Library is again listed among America's, New York State's, and Long Island's Top Libraries -- click on the map of NYS, or scroll down to the NYS listings

Carnegie Library 

  • Whittle, Patrick.  "Patchogue:  Library Saved, Developer Agres to Relocate 1905 [i.e., 1907-08] Carnegie Building."  Newsday, October 31, 2011:  A 21.  -- Alysson Roselle says demolishing the 1905-built [i.e., 1907-08] Carnegie Library on Patchogue's Lake Street would mean the loss of a treasure and constitute a crime against the village's history.  'It's a gem of a buildting, and we can't allow it to be destroyed,' said Roselle, Vice Prsident of the Greater Patchogue Historical Society, of the structure which is one of two [i.e., three] of its kind on Long Island." 
  • “Resolution Aims to Move Historic Library” (Patchogue; Our Towns:  L.I. Now). Newsday, February 7, 2012:  p. A22.
  • Ngo, Emily, Sophia Chang, Emi Endo, Candice Rudd, Aisha Al-Muslim, et al.  "Our Towns:  LI Now."  Newsday, February 7, 2012:  A22. -- "Patchogue:  The first step toward saving the Carnegie Library in Patchogue is scheduled for todsay, when Suffolk Legis[lator]. Rob Calarco (D-Patchogue) introduces a resolution to move the historic building to a new location.  The century-old building, funded by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie as part of a national literacy initiative, sits where a $100 million Patchogue New Village mixed-use development is slated to rise.  The 2,300-square-foot neoclassical-style building would be moved to the parking lot of the Sixth District Court on West Main Street if the County signs off on the plan.  'The Carnegie library has a lot of historical significance in Patchogue,' Calarco said.  One of two [sic] libraries still standing on Long Island, it served as Patchogue's library until 1981.  The building was then used by Briarcliffe College until about a decade ago, and since then has been neglected and covered in grafitti.  New Village developer Tritec has agreed to pay to relocate the building and build a new foundation.  The County would lease the land to Patchogue for a nominal sum, and it would be up to the village to maintain the site.  Mayor Paul Pontieri hailed the solution.  'What it really shows is cooperation between the multiple levels of government to solve an issue that has been a problem,' he said.  Once the building is moved and restored, Pontieri hopes an arts or film orgnization will make use of the space.'It's a great spot.  It's a great property, and it's not going to cost the village any money,' Pontieri said.  'Now, we have to find a use for it.'  The resolution's earliest possible adoption will be at the March 13 legislative meeting."  
  • “$750 G Tab for Fixes to Former Library” (Patchogue; Our Towns:  L.I. Now). Newsday, February 14, 2012:  p. A 20.
  • “Carnegie Library to Get New Home” (Patchogue).  Newsday, August 9, 2012:  p. A 22.         
  • Hampton, Deon J.  “Library for Carnegie Building” (Patchogue). Newsday, August 15, 2012:  p. A 25.
  • Brand, Rick, Emily Ngo, Deborah S. Morris, Anne Winberry, Alexi Knock, et al.  "Our Towns:  LI Now."  Newsday, February 14, 2012:  A20. -- Robert Calarco (D-Patchogue) proposed legislation last week to move the building from its Lake Street location to the district court parking lot on West Street [i.e., Avenue] , two blocks away.  Mayor Paul Pontieri said the village has to figure out a way to fund not only the renovations, but the continued cost of operating the building -- heat, light and other utilities -- after repairs are complete....Patchogue:  $750G tab for fixes to former library.... Joseph Catropa, of McLean Associates, located in Brookhaven hamlet said the price tage is based on a renovation cost of about $150 per square foot for the original 5,000-square-foot buuilding, which was opened in 1908 and was used by the village [library] until 1981.  He said a newer 5,000-square-foot addition, built in the 1950's [1958], would be demolished....Tritec estimatres the cost to move the library at $150,000, while putting the building on a new foundation with utilities and curbing will be another $486,000.
  • Hampton, Deon J.  "Patchogue:  Carnegie Library to Get New Home."  Newsday, August 9, 2012:  A22. -- The century-old Carnegie Library was moved yesterday to make room for the construction of the $100 million New Patchogue Village.   The 2,300-square-foot historic building, which has been unoccupied for years, was put on a truck and was to be driven to the parking lot of Suffolk District Court on Westr Main Street, where it will rest until a permanent foundation is built on the site....The final leg of the move was scheduled for shortly after midnight yesterday.  Nearly a dozen members of Friends of the Carnegie Library, and informal organization formed in November and committed to preserving the building, planned to stay up and wath the move.'A few of us in the community who have lived here have seen a lot of old buildings knocked down, so why not try and save it,' said founder David Kennedy, 44...Pontieri said two potential tenants -- Greater Patchogue Historical Society and Patchogue-Medford Library -- are vying to occupy [the] building.  A decision is expected at Monday's village board meeting, he said....[Suffolk County Executive Steve] Bellone described the move as 'historic' and thanked the community and county and village leaders for the relocation.  Most communities would have demolished the building, but the community recognized its importance, he said."
  • "Our Towns:  You Said It."  Newsday, August 10, 2012:  A 28. -- LI Video:  Carnegie Library moved in Patchogue
  • Hampton, Dean J.  "Patchogue:  Library for Carnegie Building."  Newsday, August 15, 2012:  A 25. -- "The Patchogue [Village] Board of Trustees has approved the Patchogue-Medford Library's bid to take over the recently moved Carnegie Library.  The board  approved the plan...Monday night.  'We're very excited,' said Dina McNeece Chrils, executive director of Patchogue-Medford Library.  'We've been keeping our fingers crossed for quite a while.'...Once a foundation is built, Patchogue-Medford Library officials plan to restore the building, which has been vacant since 1988.  Safety systems would be installed and the building made handicapped-accessible.  Patchogue-Medford wants to use the building for young adult and othr programs.  'The kids need a safe environment to come to.  There's no safer place than the library,' Chrils said.  Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri noted before the meeting that the group taking over the Carnegie would have to focus on children, young adults and after-school programs.  The Patchogue Historical Society also bid on the building.  But village officials worried [that] the society would not be able to handle the financial burden.  Patchogue-Medford [Library], with an $8 million operating budget, intends to solicit grants and donations but assured trustees they have the financial wherewithal to offset any setbacks, officials said.  They estimated running the Carnegie building would cost about $70,000 a year, including the hiring of a security guard and cleaning personnel."