Patchogue - 1815-1845

Patchogue - History - 1815-1845 [Jacksonian Era & Communications Revolution]

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  • Winsche, Richard A. "Miller Mott, Patchogue Pioneer." Long island Forum, 20(3) March 1957: pp. 15, 46. -- Charles Mott (former Tory, later prominent N. Patchogue property owner and judge, a/k/a "Squire Mott," built a gristmill on East (Swan) Creek, creating East (or Swan) Lake, just after the War of 1812, in 1815, by damming the creek, the mill, later known as Swezey's mill, which long survived, only to burn down on 4/24/1931.
  • "'Captain Joe,' Schooner Captain" (Footnotes of L.I. History). Patchogue Advance, September 16, 1948: n.p. -- recounts Capt. Joseph Robinson's [of E. Patchogue's] narrow escape from death, after his ship the "Glorion" capsized in a sudden gale off Fire Island near Rockawayon September 3, 1820. He was sole survivor of several ships that went down. The same ship had served him well along the same coast, in the War of 1812 [see above].
  • "Shoemaker's Book, 101 Years Old [1829], Gives Numerous Intimate Points." Patchogue Advance, April 29, 1930: [n.p.]
  • "A Valueable Water Privilege for Sale." [Sag Harbor] Corrector, January 5, 1839: p. 1.
  • "...Woolen Goods, Manufactured Expressly for the Country Market, Consisting of Very Heavy Kerseys and Mix't Cloth, generally called Bear Skin, Flannels, Satinetts, Broad Cloths, &c. All of Which will be sold low or exchanged for wool. D. Haff. Patchogue, Nov. 10th, 1837." [Sag Harbor] Corrector, February 6, 1839: p. 1.
  • "Great Gathering at Patchogue!: 'Down with the Wages of Labor!' says the Administration. -- 'Down with the Administration!' say the Laborers." [Sag Harbor] Corrector, September 30, 1840: p. 3. -- This could as easily have been written yesterday.
  • Horton, H.P.  "Daniel Webster at Patchogue."  Long Island Forum, 12(1)  January 1949:  pp. 5, 14.
  • "Patchogue Medical Plan (sometimes called 'Dogpatch')." [no source: n.p.] -- Patchogue's first doctor is hired by 2-year village subscription, effective May 16, 1840-May 16, 1842, to tend the ill on a per family yearly contribution rate, set by each family, at the end of which period he decided to stay and live in the village.
  • "Sag-Harbor Tippecanoe Club. Member of this Association Will Meet at the Suffolk House, To-Morrow Evening, Thursady the 17th inst. at 7 o'clock. Great Long Island Meeting at Patchogue!!" [Sag Harbor] Corrector, September 16, 1840: p. 3.
  • "Mr. Webster's Speech, Delivered at Patchogue, Sept. 22d, 1840. Concluded." [Sag Harbor] Corrector, October 17, 1840: n.p.
  • Horton, H.P. "Daniel Webster at Patchogue." Long Island Forum, 12(1) January 1949: pp. 5, 14. -- A well-advertised speech at Patchogue by this famous orator, in favor of William Henry Harrison's candidacy for U.S. President, boomerangs when Webster waxes on instead about L.I. as sportsman's paradise, loses his audience, and embarasses his publisher.
  • [Series of 8 numbered verbal sparring letters, with local oratorical opponents (who favor Martin van Buren), to and from Daniel Webster, often via go-betweens, extending invitations and dis-invitations, i.e., courteous discourtesies, written during his stay in Patchogue, between September 23-25, 1840, appearing in the local press after he had left.] [Sag Harbor] Corrector, October 7, 1840: pp. [?]. -- Though his own public speech fell flat, he was the verbal victor in this particular newsprint contest.
  • Barber, John W. and Henry Howe. "View of Patchogue in Brookhaven, Long Island" [woodcut]. In Historical Collections of the State of New York. Albany, NY; Port Washington, NY: Kenikat Press, 1841.
  • "Agency for the West Cotton Factory, at Patchogue, L.I.: Seine Twine, Carpet, and Yarn, for Sale at the Manufacturer's Prices. Oct 21. John K. Woolsey" [advertisement]. Long Islander, march 3, 1843: p. 3.
  • Blanchard, Elizabeth Howell. "Visiting Long Island Relatives, 1844." In Journeys on Old Long Island: Travelers' Accounts, Contemporary Descriptions, and Residents' Reminiscences, 1744-1893, ed. by Dr. Natalie A. Naylor (A Long Island Studies Publication from Hofstra University). Interlaken, NY: Empire State Books, 2002: p. 195. - a trip through Patchogue in a "pleasure wagon," with a description of its industry and scenery
  • "In Pursuance of an Order of George Miller, Surrogate of the County of Suffolk, the Subscribers Will Sell at Public Auction, on the 10th Day of January next, at the Inn of Justus Row, in Patchogue...the Following Described Pieces of Land, Late the Property of Benjamin Case...."  Corrector, January 10, 1844:  p. 4.
  • "Millerism in Patchogue." Brooklyn Eagle, October 22, 1845: p. 2.
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