Patchogue - 1783-1812

Patchogue History, 1783-1812 
         [Early Republic, Punishment, Recovery, Stirrings of Industrial Revolution]

  • April, 1790 (U.S. Library of Congress. The Diaries of George Washington, v. 6, Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig, eds. -- See entry of April 22nd:  p. 65.  A Patchogue lunch stop by the newly minted first U.S. President, on his whirlwind tour of L.I., was part of his brief escape, from the pressure (and consciousness) of constantly setting precedents, at the new national capital, at New York, N.Y.)
  • The Hart's Tavern Mystery (Long Island Stories)
  • Rozycki, Carl. "Real President Visits Mythical Inn." [Newsday?], September 2, 1982: n.p. -- [Contrary to the article, the 1790 U.S. Census indicates a Gilbert Hart on the west end of town, with enough of a coterie to have run his house as an inn]
  • "Washington Stopped Here, but He Didn't Admire Scenery, According to His Diary." [Patchogue Advance?], December 29, 1949: n.p.