Patchogue - 2010 - 2019

Patchogue – History - 2010-2019

Beagen, James Henry

Blue Point Brewing Co.  (Acquisition by Anheuser Busch)

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Haven Drug Pharmacy – Murders

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Levine, Beth

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Lucero, Marcelo Murder Trial
         See also  Patchogue – History – 1990-1999, under Lucero, Marcelo

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MS-13 (Gang) -- Murders
            See also   Trump, Donald

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  • "SCPD Raids Patchogue Bars Targeted for MS-13 Activity -- Two Bars Shut Down and Seven Arrested."  Long Island Advance, August 24, 2017: p. 1.


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Sharkey, Flo

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Suffolk County, NY – Police

  • Fernandez, Manny.  “Lawsuit Filed by Estate of Immigrant Killed on L.I.”  New York Times, November 23, 2010:  p. A 27. – Suit was filed against both Suffolk County government and its Police Department   

Trump, Donald
           See also  MS-13 (Gang) -- Murders