L.I. World War I Resources in the LHR

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  • LI REF: Dewey 000s – L.I. hauntings & paranormalities associated with WWI; 200s – Portions of local religious institution histories dealing with WWI; 300s – Populations of LI counties, towns, villages about the time of WWI, L.I. aviation bases, development of airports, air squadrons, naval, coast guard, merchant marine participation, airplane crashes and shipwrecks, the LIRR during the war; 600s – Nikola Tesla and WWI, more nautical aspects, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in WWI, LI’s bottling industry, 700s – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory again, L.I. art, architecture, historic buildings; 800s – literature; 900s -- L.I. travel and description, place names, genealogy, mansions and the commercial elite, racism, portions of L.I. regional, county, town, outer island, and village histories and town records dealing with WWI, portions of biographies concerned with an individual during the war, LI Forum (see periodicals below)
  • NY REF: 000s – Red Guides (subject guides to repositories in NYC, & NYS in Storage), 300s – Jim Crow New York, African-American participation in WWI, NYS Indian relations & Indian participation in WWI, NYS forts, NYS police; 600s: Shipyards, agriculture, oyster culture; 700s – Beer bottling, NYC skyscrapers; 900s – Shipwrecks, place names, genealogy and biography, general histories, governors, histories of NYS regions & counties (mostly in storage), NYC, its boroughs & neighborhoods, related dictionaries, encyclopedias, and gazetteers (any or all of which may include portions related to WWI)

Embedded within these works, or online, or in PMLs Adult Reference book stacks, may be…

  • Military, Naval, & Aviation Histories
  • Specific Military Unit & Ship Histories
  • Information relating to local participation in campaigns and battles
  • Political & Diplomatic Histories
  • L.I. County, Town, & Village Participation

Vertical Files

  • Long Island VFs: General; Aviation History; Airports; Biography; Camp Upton – World War, 1914-1918; Forts & Fortifications; History – World War, 1914-1918 (Subfiles: Agriculture; Aerial Operations; Babylon, NY; Baldwin, NY; Bay Shore, NY; Beechhurst, NY; Bellport, NY; Farmingdale, NY; Forrest Hills, NY; Gold Star Mothers; Home Defence; Horse Racing; Huntington, NY; Jamaica, NY; Lake Ronkonkoma, NY; Letters home; Long Island Food Reserve Battalion; Mastic, NY; Mineola, NY; Occupied Germany; Patchogue, NY; Polio; Port Jefferson, NY; Prohibition; Queens County, NY; Real Estate; Reunion; Secret Service, German; Suffolk County, NY; U-Boats; West Sayville, NY [Telefunken Wireless Sta. & the Zimmermann Telegram]; Westbury Reserve, No. 3; Women; Yachting Regattas); Military – Sites – Camp Mills; Museums; Radio – History; Shipwrecks – U.S.S. San Diego (AC); Suffrage. County, Town, and Village histories may also contain relevant material on areas participation in WW I (look under the current name of the county, town or village, e.g., under Lindenhurst, not Breslau)
  • Patchogue VFs: History – World War, 1914-1918 (Subfiles: General, Austro-Hungarian Embassy Summer, 1916]; Army Banned from Village, 1918; Boy Scouts; Casualties; German Language Ban, 1918; Home Defense Corps; Murder, Interracial; Old Oak Inn; Participation; Patchogue Clinic; Patchogue Theatre; Polio; Prohibition [Dunton Inn Raid, 1919]; Schoenfeld’s Bakery; War Savings Stamps; Sex Workers; Yachting (Regattas); 1919; Ships – Patchogue. See also under: L.I. – Patchogue—East Patchogue and L.I. – Patchogue—North Patchogue.

Newspapers, Historical Periodicals, & Indexes

  • Local & Regional Newspapers
    • New York State Historical Newspapers: Suffolk County, New York [formerly Suffolk Historic Newspapers], e.g., 1917-1921; Note: searches may be limited to date ranges, or to items published after a given date [available at home or in Library]
    • Brooklyn Newsstand -> Brooklyn Daily Eagle, e.g., 1917-1921; Notes: searches may be limited to date ranges, or to items published after a given date; the Eagle, covered news of all of L.I. [available at home or in Library]
    • New York Times, Historical Edition – Searches may be limited to date ranges, e.g., 1917-192, or to items published after a given date [in-Library use only, via Library subscription]
  • Local History Periodicals & Indexes: [These carry occasional items on WW I]
    • Long Island Forum, 1(1) January 1938- 67(2) Spring 2004
    • Long Island Forum [Cumulative] Index, 1938-2003 [online]
    • Long Island Historical Journal, 1(1) Fall 1988-15(1-2) Fall 2002/Spring 2003 [There was no vol. 16] 17(1-2) Fall 2004-20(1-2) Fall 2007/Spring 2008
    • Long Island History Journal [online, continues LIHJ]
    • Nassau County Historical Society Journal, Cumulative Index, 1958-1988, 52 (1997)-71 (2016)
    • [Patchogue High School Yearbooks], 1914-1921 [ask Librarian]

Online Sources Sampler

Audio & Visual Resources

  • Atlases & Maps
    • Maps showing locales as they appeared during, or close to, the period of the war
    • Maps showing the movement of forces in which local people were involved
  • Photographic Sources & Postcards
    • Photographs of individuals or group shots featuring local people
    • Photographs of places associated with an individual & their movements during WWI
    • Photos of ships, airplanes, military equipment relating to a local individual
    • Postcards of camps, and other places to which an individual was assigned
  • Scrapbooks, Manuscripts, & Correspondence
    • Covering the war years

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