Library History - Nichols Era, 2013-2016

America's All-Star Libraries:  Top U.S. libraries are designated annually by the American Library Association, in the early November issue of  Library Journal. Patchogue-Medford Library has been designated an All-Star Library, 2011-2016: 

  • Lyons, Ray & Keith Curry Lance.  "LJ Index 2013:  All the Stars, State-by-State."  (Library Journal, November 1, 2013) -- Patchogue-Medford Library shines again for its communities, Long Island, and New York State, as one of America's Top Libraries -- click on the New York State on the map, scroll down to the NYS listings
  • Sorrentino, Michael.  "Pat-Med Library Receives American Star" (Patchogue Patch, November 12, 2013)
  • Lyons, Ray & Keith Curry Lance. "LJ Index 2014:  All the Stars, State-by-State."  (Library Journal, November 3, 2014)  -- Patchogue-Medford Library shines again for its communities, Long Island, and New York State, as one of America's Top Libraries -- click on the New York State on the map, scroll down to the NYS listings
  • Lyons, Ray & Keith Curry Lance. "New York" (LJ Index 2015:  All the Stars, State-by-State).  (Library Journal, November 2, 2015) -- Patchogue-Medford Library shines again for its communities, Long Island, and New York State, as one of America's Top Libraries
  • Lyons, Ray & Keith Curry Lance.  "LJ Index 2016:  The All-Stars, State-by-State" (Library Journal, November 1, 2016) -- Patchogue-Medford Library receives 4 stars for service to its communities, Suffolk County, LI, and NYS, as one of America's Top Libraries.    

Carnegie Library Restoration

  • “Carnegie Library Moved 300 Feet” (Patchogue; Our Towns:  L.I. Now).  (Newsday, July 18, 2013)
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  • Whittle, Patrick, Alfonso A. Castillo, Jennifer Barrios, Candice Ruud, et al.  "Our Towns:  LI Now." Newsday, July 18, 2013:  A 24. -- "Patchogue:  Carnegie Library moved 300 Feet.  The century-old Carnegie Library found a permanent home yesterday-- roughly 300 feet away in the same parking lot where it has sat since last summer....'The fact that we can keep the building operating as a library is good,' said Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri.  'It's part of the preservation of the village's history.'"
  • "Suffolk County Legislature:  District 7."  Newsday, November 3, 2013:  K 6.  -- "In his district, Calarco said highlights include saving the old Carnegie Library from demolition, cleaning up a contaminated Blue Point laundry site and helping downtown Patchogue's revitalization with sewers and workforce housing grants." 
  • Hampton, Dean J.  "Patchogue:  Carnegie Library to be Restored."  Newsday, January 15, 2014:  A 20.  -- "The Patchogue [Village] board of trustees has transferred ownership of the once-grand, century-old Carnegie Library, which has been shuttered since 1998, to the Patchogue-Medford Library.  The unanimous decision Monday night allows Patchogue-Medford [Library] to restore the boarded-up vacant structure to its orginal state when it opened in 1908....'It feels wonderful,' Patchogue-Medford Library director Lauren Nichols said.  'This will be a young adult space to learn and create, and it allows us to give back to the community."...Nichols said that her organization must officially accept the transfer since the building falls under the jurisdiction of the state Department of Education."   
  • Leuzzi, Linda. “Pigeons Fly the Coop; Other Surprises Addressed” (Patchogue Village).  Long Island Advance, July 30, 2015:  p. 3.  – Carnegie Library restoration
  • “Patchogue-Medford Library Supports Financial Education” [advertisement].  Newsday, February 10, 2014:  p. A 29. – part of Capital One Bank’s Financial Literacy Challenge   
  • “Money Power.”  Long Island Advance, April 2, 2015:  pp. 1, 3.
  • Signorelli, Kate.  "Now a 'Library in the Lobby.'"  Long Island Advance, December 10, 2015:  1, 18. -- In a monthly collaboration between Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts and Patchogue-Medford Library, a library in the theater lobby will offer lectures by authors, writing workshops, "and other creative outlets for the intellectually curious.
  • Signorelli, Kate.  “Now a ‘Library in the Lobby.’” Long Island Advance, December 15, 2015”  pp. 1, 18. – Collaboration with Patchogue Theatre  

Carnegie Library Dedication

  • McGowan, Carl.  "Patchogue's Historic Carnegie Library Reopens After Renovation." Newsday, November 2, 2016.:  [n.p.].  -- "The century-old Carnegie Library reopened on October 17 after being moved twice and undergoing a $1.5 million renovation.  The library, which includes a youth center and space for community events, is part of the Patchogue-Medford Library system....It was saved from the wrecking ball and restored to the way it looked when it opened in 1908 [with the addition of a handicapped ramp, an elevator, and modern safety features]....Mayor Paul Pontieri said the library is an 'anchor' that ties the village's future to its past.  'To be able to keep a piece of that history...meant a lot to the community," Pontieri said.  'Progress doesn't always mean destroying the past.'...Village officials and a community group, Friends of Carnegie Library, crafted a plan to move the building and restore it using state funds and a grant from the Knapp Swezey Foundation, a Patchogue nonprofit....Architects used archival photographs to restore original wood floors, ceilings and handrails.  Lighting fixtures matching the library's original chandeliers were installed, and ereplica lamps were erected outside.  New Greek-style columns were made for the library's interior.  To replace a sculpture that once sat above the main entrance before it went mising, the library hired aLong Island artist Mel Zapata to create a replica, which now adorns the space where the old one had been.  Since it reopened, some patrons have shared stories of receiving their first library cards at the Carnegie before it closed, library director Lauren Nichols said.  Many visitors, she said, have enjoyed 'looking around and they sem so serene.'  The library contains books for teenagers, and library officials plan to offer college counseling services.  Adult yoga and tai chi classes are held there, and the Greater Patchogue Historical Society is developing a community museum in the basement.  Assistant library director Danielle Paisley said she thinks the library will be and 'inspiration' to its teenage visitors.  'The place is so beautiful,' Paisley said.  'This is a place where really sit and ponder how something was created over the years and hopefully it inspires them to creat new stuff." 
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  • “The Library at Babel:  Patchogue”:  A Sculpture by John Cino [flyer]
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