Patchogue - Maritime History

Maritime History of Patchogue, NY

--  General

  • Boatyards (Long Island Traditions) - short article that mentions 3 historic Patchogue boatyards

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  • "In South Side Shipyards.  Reports Indicate a Brisk Business with Many Keels on the Ways for city Owners."  Brooklyn Eagle, January 24, 1897:   p, 10.
  • "At Patchogue's Boatyards:  The Builders, Rushed with Work, Have Prospects of a Busy Winter."  Brooklyn Eagle, December 22, 1900:  p. 14. 

--  Grace Bailey a/k/a Mattie (schooner) 

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--  Ice Boats & Ice Scooters

  • The Motor Scooter, Ice and Water Boat, Paternted July 9, 1907, by Nat Roe, Patchogue, L.I., Factory and Salesroom, Patchogue, L.I.  [advertisement]
  • "The History and Development of the Ice Boat, Part II:  1930-1980."  Wooden Boat, no. 39 [n.d.]:  pp. 88-99.
  • Carucci, Mitch.  "The Ice Scooters of Bellport Bay." Sea Frontiers, 29(6) November-December 1983:  pp. 324-327.   

-- Lighthouse

  • Leuzzi, Linda.  "Toot your horn for the lighthouse."  Long Island Advance, April 4, 2019: p. 3.
  • MacGowan, Carl.  "Beacon of hope: New lighthouse 'symbolizes' village's renaissance as a tourist destination."  Newsday, December 4, 2019: p. 17.

--  Maritime Center

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-- Mascot Dock

  • Sloat, Howard.  "From a Parisian."  Long Island Forum, February 1959:  n.p.

--  Sea Lark IV  (cabin cruiser)

--  Shipbuilding & Boatbuilding

  • Gordon, Wellington E.  "Shipbuilding." In History of Patchogue. [Patchogue, NY:  The Author, ca. 1925.  7 p.
  • Jones, Fred.  "Shipbuilding and Shipyards, 1840-1997" (Chapter 13).  In  The Creek.  Patchogue, NY:  The Author, 1986, repr. 1997:  pp. 13-1 to 13-22.
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  • "In South Side Shipyards:  Reports Indicate a Brisk Business with Many Keels on the Ways for City Owners."  Brooklyn Eagle, January 24, 1897:  p. 10.

--  Shipwrecks

---  General

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---  Glaukauf 

  • Gluckauf (1886-1893)   (Auke Visser's German Esso Tankers Site) - wrecked off Water Island, near Patchogue, NY
  • Gluckauf (Patchogue-Medford Library, Celia M. Hastings Local History Room)

---  Louis V. Place

---  Nahum Chapin (schooner)

-- Smith, Gilbert Monroe
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              See also  Waterfront and Waterfront Revitalization

--  Speedboat Racing  ("Battle on the Bay")

  • Yan, Ellen and Robert Lewis.  "Speedboat Race Docked."  Newsday, July 29, 2012:  n.p. 

--  U.S. Customs Port (1875-ca. 1921)

  • Federal Legislation & U.S. Presidential Actions Surrounding a Local Petition & Congressional Motion to Make Patchogue a U.S. Port of Entry and Delivery, 1874-1875, researched, comp., & ed. by Mark Rothenberg, 11/9/11
  • "It is understoood that the Secretary of the Treasury proposes to effect some economy by consolidating the smaller districts.  Sag Harbor, for instance, is to be merged with the New York district, and also some of the smaller districts, and dispense with the surveyors and inspectors, their work to be done by a deputy collector and inspectors, at an expense of about $300 each, and to be stationed at Cold Spring [Harbor], Greenport, Patchogue, and Port Jefferson....The surveyor at Patchogue receives $200....In addition to these, the salaries other employees...received...Patchogue, $232,99,,,,"  Brooklyn Daily Eagle, March 8, 1883:  [n.p.].
  • "President's New Collector."   Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 6, 1890:  p. 1.  -- Robert Mills was nominated to be Surveyor of Customs for the port of Patchogue, N.Y.
  • "Patchogue's Surveyor."  Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 24, 1898:  p. 1.  -- "The President to-day appointed Sidney O. Weeks of New York to be surveyor of customs at port of Patchogue"
  • "President Fills Offices:  Sidney O. Weeks Appointed Surveyor of Customs at Patchogue."  New York Times, August 25, 1898:  p. 4.
  • "New Customs Inspectors.  Two Brooklyn and Two Patchogue Men to Be Named for South Bay Jobs."  Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May 20, 1908:  [n.p.]  
  • "Suffolk Democrats, in Stormy Session, Rap Lathrop Brown:  Congressman from First District is Verbally Punched.  Other Party Leaders Scored Too; Candidates are Indorsed.  Bailey in Full Control, but Indorsements may not be Followed by Brown After All."  Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 23, 1913:  p. 1. -- One of those dubious endorsements was for George Jones, as Deputy Collector of Customs at Patchogue.

-- Waterfront and Waterfront Revitalization
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Smith, Gilbert Monroe

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-- World War, 1914-1918

  • Patchogue (ID 1227) YFB-1227 (NavSources Online:  Section Patron Craft Photo Archive) - the local ferry, "Patchogue," and its WW I naval stint, 1917-22

-- World War, 1939-1945

--  Frank M. Weeks Boatyard

  • Company History (Frank M. Weeks Yacht Yard)
  • "Antiquity Keeps Venture Afloat."  Newsday, December 3, 1995:  pp. A 27, A 34.

--  Yachting

  • "Patchogue, L.I.:  Yachting and Fishing Divide Time to Pleasure-Seekers."  New York Times, July 8, 1908:  p. X3.