Long Island Town Histories - North Hempstead [Nassau Co.]

North Hempstead (N.Y. : Town)     [Originally part of Hempstead Town, Queens County, it became a separate town  in 1784, and part of Nassau County in 1900.]  

              Note:  Early in the American Revolution, the northern half of Hempstead Town, which
                            was more patriot-leaning, unofficially separated itself from the predominantly
                            loyalist southern half of the town.  The separation into 2 towns was officially
                            recognized and confirmed by the New York State Legislature, postwar, in 1784.
                            Prior to that, it would seem that under British occupation, Crown authorities
                            preferred that the less populous north be dominated by the Tory south.  In 1899,
                            having voted not to become part of greater New York City, North Hempstead
                            joined with Hempstead and Oyster Bay Towns, to form the new County of Nassau. 

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