Brookhaven Town History

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-- General 

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--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Code
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-- Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Historian
--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- History -- Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775 
  • Bayles, Thomas R.  "Early Records of Brookhaven Town Show Novel Regulations, Customs" (In the Days of Old).  Patchogue Advance, [n.d.]:  [n.p.].
  • Bayles, Thomas R.  Early Regulations in Brookhaven Town, 1655-1754.  [s.l.]:  The Author, 1977.
  • Bayles, Thomas R.  "Early Town Transactions"  (Footnotes to L.I. History).  Patchogue Advance, July 19, 1941:  [n.p.].
  • Bayles, Thomas R.  "N. Shore Land Deal Made in 1655":  Settlers Met Indian Chiefs."  Patchogue Advance, July 31, 1947:  p. 1.
  • Bayles, Thomas R.  "Town's Settlers Lived Peaceably with the Indians."  [Patchogue Advance,] August 18, 1988:  [n.p.]. 
  • Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Bicentennial Commission.  During the Revolution in Brookhaven Town, by Thomas R. Bayles.  [s.l.]:  The Commission, 1976.  12 p. 
  • Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Bicentennial Commission.  Early Mills, Roads and Industries in Brookhaven Town.  [s.l.:]  The Commission, 1976.  14 p. 
  • Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Bicentennial Commission.  The Early Years in Brookhaven Town, by Thomas R, Bayles.  [s.l.]:  The Commission, 1976.  12 p. 
  • Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Historical Advistory Committee.  The Dongan Patent.  Ridge, NY:  Prepared for the 7th Annual Brookhaven Town Country Fair, September 6-7, 1986, Held at the Longwood Estate, 1986. 12 p. --Text of the 1686 document that established the Town of Brookhaven
  • "Of Women's Lives:  Thre Years, Three Events, Involving Brookhaven Town, 1664, 1665, & 1668:  An Anonymous but Powerful Woman Sachem; The Duke's Laws:  Marital & Legal Hemmings-In; Overwrought Over a Death & Dependence?:  Cry Witch!" (Vignettes from Brookhaven Town History for Women's History Month, March 2004).  [Patchogue, NY:  Patchogue Medford Library, 2004] 
  • Overton, David A.  "Brookhaven History Dates Before 1666."  Patchogue Advance, June 3, 1976:  p. 11 C.
  • Brookhaven Town Patent, March 7, 1666
  • All Real Estate Transfers Now Require Town Approval, in Reaction to Scott's Dealings -- June 29, 1666
  • Freedom of Speech or Thought -- Forget About It:  Stocked in Setauket, by King & Government:  Early Civil Disobedience Case -- 1666
  • Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Tercentennary Committee & Council on the Arts.  "Our Historic Past -- A Legacy for the Future:  Town of Brookhaven Tercentennary:  The Nicholls Patent, 1666-1966.  [s.l.:  s.n.], 1966.
  • Having the Wolf by the Ears was Not a Problem (Except for the Wolf), March 10, 1667 
  • Shaw, Osborn.  "Brookhaven Township Colonial History is Recorded:  Stories Astounding, Beginning in 1623."  Long Island Advance, 100th Anniversary edition: pp.  11, 31.  [Originally pub. in 1946.]
  • Slamming Brookhaven's Door to Outsiders, 16 Sept., 1672
  • Tyler, Beverly C.  "Brookhaven's First Settlement."  The Town Crier, Spring 2003:  pp. 1-3.  
--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783


--Brookhaven (N.Y. Town) -- History, 1783-1861


--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1866


-- Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- History, 1865-1916


-- Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- History, 1917-1929


--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town)
--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Advisory Committee on Youth
--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Department of Waste Management
--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Office of the Supervisor
--  Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Planning Board
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-- Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Indian Deeds and Colonial Patents

-- Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Records  [Minutes] 
           Note:  The Town Historian's Office has a complete set of Minutes; 
                      PML has a set of printed minutes, up to 1911
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-- African American History
          See also  Slavery

--- Brookhaven, Georgia

--- Brookhaven, Mississippi

--  Brookhaven Borough, Pennsylvania

--  Brookhaven College  (Dallas, Texas)
  • About Us  (Dallas County Community College District. Brookhaven College)

--  Cemeteries
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--  Censes
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--  Culinary History
            See also   Historic Commemorations
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-- Environment
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-- Firefighting History
-- Genealogy
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-- Geography & Geology

-- Historians
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-- Historic Commemorations [Celebrations]
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-- Historic Districts
  • Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town).  Historic District Advisory Committee (The Town) - includes committee membership, historic districts, and related documents (including how to apply to create a district) 


--  Indians

--  Industries

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-- National Register Properties

--  Photography

--  Slavery

           See also  African-American History

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Brookhaven Town @ 350 Years, comp. & ed. by Mark H. Rothenberg  (Patchogue-Medford Library.  Celia M. Hastings Local History Room)  -- selected chronological segments of an unofficial series of historical presentations, drawn primarily from Brookhaven Town, New-York Province (colony) and N.Y. State records, prepared for the Library and for the Commemoration of the 350th Anniversary of the Town of Brookhaven, N.Y.).  Note:  These are for educational use only, and at some point will be further edited.