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Note:  The three towns comprising Nassau were orginally part of Queens County, until 1899, when they voted not to join the rest of Queens, in becoming part of greater New York City.  In 1900, after much political wrangling and sleight of hand, the 3 towns became the new County of Nassau.  Nassau and Suffolk Counties are generally considered "Long Island proper".  


--  General

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  • Martin, Linda B.  "After 100 Yerars, Finding the Old in Today's Nassau."  New York Times, January 3, 1999:  p. LI 9.
  • Mohan, Geoffrey.  "Nassau's Difficult Birth:  Eastern Towns of Queens Win the Fight to Separate After Six Decades of Wrangling"  (Long Island, Our Story).  Newsday, pp. A16-A17, A53-A54. 
  • Smits, Edward T. [Nassau County Historian].  "A Centennial History Discovery."  Nassau County Historical Journal, v. 54 (1999):  pp. 1-7.  -- Contents of a time capsule sealed in the cornerstone of the County Courthouse, 99 years later.

--  Agriculture

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  • Carpenter, James Weaton.  The Mineola Fair.  Westbury, NY:  Agricultural Society of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, [1965].

--  Archeology

  • Nassau County In The Archaeological History of New York (New York State Museum Bulletin, vols. 237-238 Se-Oc 1920, Part 2 (Patchogue Medford Library.  Local History Collections)

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--  Gold Coast

--  Hempstead Plains


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--  History -- Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775

--  History -- Civil War, 1861-1865


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--  History, 1866-1918 

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--  History -- Spanish-American War, 1898

--  History -- World War, 1914-1918

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--  Mosquitoes

--  Motor Parkway Trail

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--  Nassau County Historical Society

--  Nassau County Bar Association

--  Nassau Veterans' Memorial Coliseum


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