New York State History

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                       Classic NYS Histories & Document Collections

                       Census, Naturalization, Vital & Related Records   

                       Counties of New York State

                       Cities of New York State

                       Colleges and Universities of NYS

                       Governors of New York State [& of Dutch and English Colonies]

                       Long Island History

                       New York City and its Borough (County) Histories 

                       NYS - History - Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775

                       NYS - History - Revolution, 1775-1783

                       NYS - History, 1783-1861

                       NYS - History - Civil War, 1861-1865

                       NYS - History - Spanish-American War, 1898

                       NYS - History - World War, 1914-1918    

                       NYS - History - World War, 1939-1945

                       U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents, etc., from NYS                              


--  Administrative Divisions [Counties, Towns, Municipalities]

-- Classic NYS Histories & Classic Historic Document Collections 

           [nearly all full-text, searchable, downloadable]

          See   Classic NYS Histories & Classic Historic Document Collections  web page

--  Chronology

--  House Museums

--  Lakes and Lake Districts

--  New York Council for the Humanities

  • Find a Speaker (New York Council for the Humanities) -- includes a clickable, alphabetic list of speakers, and in the column on the right, Lectures in American History (which includes New York State History, New York City History, and various hoistorical eras), Lectures by Subject Area, and Lectures by Heritage or Identity Group)  -- great place to find a very reasonably priced lecturer for for national history months and other commemorations; or to elaborate special exhibits
  • New York Council for the Humanities (The Council)  -- subtopics (pulldown menus and themes on home page):  Grants, Speakers, Programs, Get Involved, Press, About, Events, News; and currently:  War of 1812 Speakers and Grants; Civil War [speakers]; 9/11 [speakers]

--  New York State.  Archives and Records Administration (SARA)

--  New York State Historical Association (and the Farmers Museum)

--  New York State Historical Records Advistory Board (SHRAB)

--  New York (State). Library (NYSL)

--  New York (State). Museum (NYSM)

--  New York (State).  Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation

--  Racism

-- State Symbols

--  U.S.  Department of the Interior.  National Park Service

  • New York  (U.S.  National Park Service.  Teaching with Historic Places.  Lesson Plan Index:  State) 

--  U.S.  Library of Congress.  American Folklife Center

--  U.S.  Library of Congress.  Digital Reference Section

  • New York State Guide, created by Angela McMillan (Library of Congress.  Digital Reference Section.  Virtual Services)

-- Waterfalls

Adirondack Mountains

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African-American History, Slavery & Abolitionism

        See also   Burned-Over District (Western NYS)

--  Abolitionist movement

--  Brown, John

--  Colonization Movement

--  Douglass, Frederick

--  Garnet, Henry Highland

  • Henry Highland Garnet (New-York Historical Society.  Examination Days:  The New York African Free School Collection)

--  New York African Free School

--  Slavery -- New York (State)

--  Smith Gerritt

  • Gerritt Smith Virtual Museum (New York History Net, in cooperation with Syracuse University. Library.  Department of Special Collections, Hamilton College, Monroe County Historical Society, and Peterboro Area Historical Society)

--  Steward, Austin

--  Truth, Sojourner

--  Tubman, Harriet

--  Underground Railroad

--  Washington, Booker T.

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Allegheny Plateau

       See also  Southern Tier

Aviation History

        See also   Long Island History
                              Under   Aviation and Aerospace History


         See also  Music

Burned-Over District (Western NYS)

       See also   African-American History

                       Slavery, Abolitionism, & the Underground Railroad

--  Asbury, Francis

--  Blackwell, Antoinette Louisa Brown
--  Millerites
--  Noyes, John Humphrey

--  Shakers

--  Smith, Joseph

--  Wilkinson. Jemima

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        See also  Transportation

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Capitol Building

Catskill Mountains

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Census, Naturalization, Vital & Related Records

         See  Census, Naturalization, Vital & Related Records  web page

         See also  Genealogy


       See   Cities of New York State  web page

                New York City and Its Boroughs  web page

       See also   Counties of New York State

                       Long Island Villages - Nassau

                               under  Glen Cove, NY and Long Beach, NY 

Colleges and Universities (Higher Education or Academe)

       See  Colleges & Universities of NYS web page


          See  Counties of New York State  web page

          See also New York City and Its Borough (County) Histories web page

                             Long Island Counties webpage

                              Suffolk County History  web page

                              Nassau County History  web page

                              Queens County History  web page

                              Kings County (Brooklyn) History  web page


Environmental history

Famous New York Staters

Federalists and Anti-Federalists  (New York's debate over ratification of the U.S. Constitution)

       See also   Hamilton, Alexander

                       Jay, John

                       Legal History

                       Madison, James

                       Political History

Forts and fortifications

--  General

--  The Battery

--  Crown Point

--  Fort Edward and Rogers Island

--  Fort Hamilton

--  Fort Johnson

--  Fort Niagara

--  Fort Stanwix  (Rome, NY)

--  Fort Ticonderoga  (earlier Fort Carillon)

--  Fort William Henry

--  West Point

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       See also  Censes

                      History -- Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775

                             Under  -- Dutch Colony [New Netherland, later New Belgium]




  • Find an Historian  (Association of Public Historians of New York State) - municipal, town, and village historians, accessible by name or via a clickable map of NYS regions 
  • Local Historians in New York State (NYS Museum) - guidelines for local historians

Historical Societies

History -- Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775

      See   NYS - History - Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775  web page

History - Revolution, 1775-1783

      See  NYS - History - Revolution, 1775-1783 web page

History, 1783-1861

      See  NYS - History, 1783-1861 web page

      See also  Federalists and Anti-Federalists (above) 

History - Civil War, 1861-1865

           See  NYS - History - Civil War, 1861-1865

History - Spanish-American War, 1898

           See  NYS - History - Spanish-American War, 1898

History - World War, 1914-1918

History - World War, 1939-1945

History - Korean War, 1950-1953

History - Vietnam War, 1965-1975

History, MIlitary [general]

       See also      Forts and Fortifications

                          History - [name of a war]

                          History - [historical period]

  • Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients Affiliated with New York (New York State.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center) - scan down the page for a series of links, by war
  • Links by Conflict (New York State.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center)
  • Long and Faithful Service Decoration (New York State.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center)  
  • Military Records in the State Archives (New York State Archives & Records Administration)
  • New York State Military Heritage Institute (The Institute)
  • New York State Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center (New York State.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs) -- Exhibits, articles, events, historic flags, curriculum material (in early planning stages), historic forts (searchable by name or historic period), NYS military heraldry (patches and insignia), pictures (by historic period), press release, research center (digitized NYS Adjutant General's Reports, for various years, 1846-1955; digital issues of New York National Guardsman, Ap 1924-Ag 1940; Register of Officers Whose Service Terms Expired Prior to Jan. 1, 1858 [searchable], Genealogy Resources (links), Researching Civil War Soldiers and Regiments:  A Resource Guide; Finding Aids (archival collections of 2 armories [Buffalo and Malone, NY] and for the 69th Regiment); Unit History Project (viewable by war, or searchable by unit number); Related History Links; and links to various NYS Military Agencies.
  • New York State Unit History Project (New York State.  Division of Military and Naval Affairs.  Military Museum and Veterans' Research Center)

Hudson, Henry

Hudson River School (of Art)

Hudson River Valley

Huguenot history

Indians (pre--history and history)

       See also  Long Island Indians (Prehistory and History)

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Jay, John

        See also   Federalists and Anti-Federalist Debate (on Ratification of the U.S. Constitution)

                        Legal History


Labor history

Legal history

Libraries & library history


Literary history

Long Island history

  • Long Island History [web page]  (Patchogue-Medford Library.  Celia M. Hastings Local History Room) 


Medical history

Military history

        See   History, Military

        See also     Forts and Fortifications

                          History - [name of a war]

                          History - [historical period]


Museums [in general]


Niagara Falls

New York City and its Boroughs  web page

         See also   Cities of New York State   web pages (for the other other cities of N.Y.S.)  


Oneida Community

  • Oneida (Yale University.  Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)
  • Oneida Community, by Randall Hillebrand (New York History Net)

Pirates, Privateers, Smugglers

Place Names

Political History

       See also  Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Prisoners and Prisons


Regions (of New York State)

Secessionist Movements (within N.Y.S.)

Slavery, Abolitionism, & the Underground Railroad

        See also   African-American History

                           Burned-Over District

                           History - Civil War, 1861-1865

Southern Tier

        See also  Allegheny Plateau

Thousand Islands


Transportation History

         See also  Canals

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Tug Hill Plateau

United Nations

         See also  New York City & Its Boroughs  web page

                                under  New York County (Manhattan)

U.S. Constitutional Debate & Ratification

Utopian Communities (see also Oneida Community and Burned-Over District)

U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents, & Supreme Court Justices (from NYS)

         See  U.S. Presidents, V.P.'s, etc., from NYS  web page

         See also  Governors of New York State [& under the English and Dutch] web page


Wine and Winemaking (Oeniculture)

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Women's History and Women's Suffrage

        See also     African-American History, Abolitionism, & Slavery

                          Burned-Over District (Western NYS)