February 22, 1981 – Present – The Library moved to East Main Street into a reconfigured former W.T. Grant Store & Warehouse, not originally designed to serve as a library.  Here (below) the Computer & Internet revolutions took place in earnest, and propelled a whole new line of electronic services, still being expanded and developed daily.  The tradition of county leadership has been maintained in the public library field.  Specialized services for patrons have steadily expanded, as has the collection (which is a rich, varied and well-selected one), to the point at which the space situation is similar to that experienced in the latter days of the Carnegie Library.  About half the collection must be kept in storage for lack of space in the public area, despite constant and careful weeding.  Storage space has run out, despite creative repeated quick fixes.  Population pressure and public demand for more materials in all available forms and formats continue to ensure rapid collection growth, beyond present means to house it.  Demand for new services in ever-greater variety stretches available staff time, productivity, and creativity, efficiency, while requiring space to house ever-newer equipment and computer-related services, while trying to conserve limited funds for all that is asked and required.  Who can say where the challenges of the future will lead, what new need will be felt by the public today, tomorrow, or down the line a few years, a decade or more?  But, the Patchogue Library, then the Patchogue-Medford Library have been here—wherever it moved—starting as an association library in 1883, then state chartered, as a public library, since 1900, serving its communities & then, also its county (since the 1920’s), from generation to generation, a commitment of time.