Celia M. Hastings and Elaine Phipps

Celia M. Hastings (President, Board of Trustees, 1977-2002) and Elaine Phipps (Library Director, 1952-1984) share a light moment, at a Board Meeting, in 1979.   Library automation had already begun to emerge, but the microcomputer revolution was just around the corner, with the Internet, social, and cloud networking revolutions to follow.  Elaine Phipps would see the first of these changes, starting with automation of the card catalogs.  But, it was Celia Hastings, who would guide the Library through major paradigm shifts in technology and forms and formats in which library materials would be obtained, loaned, and ways in which information would be retrieved, shared, and stored.  By 2002, the speed at which the library and its services were propelled to the public was lightyears ahead of where it had been in 1979.   And the changes in the nature of materials, services, and access since then, now rest on the foundation that Celia Hastings strove so long, hard, well, forcefully, intelligently, to build.  -- MHR