John Roe Smith Block

1883 - 1884 – Patchogue Library Association transferred its accumulated 475-book collection to a rented room in the John Roe Smith Block (the white building on the left).  Patchogue Library was housed in a room in Floyd Overton’s Shoe Store (which rented space in the Block), at today's 32 W. Main Street, Patchogue, NY. (south side of the street).  It opened to the public in August 1883.  Overton had taken on the job of "Librarian" at his wife's insistence.
Patchogue Bank (shown on the right side of the photograph) succeeded the Patchogue and Suffolk County Bank, at the same location, after the latter failed in 1884.  Edward S. Peck, the latter bank's CEO, was nearly lynched, then was saved from a suicide attempt.  Peck had been a Library board member, rerscued both times, then grilled by fellow board members, before he and his wife left town penniless.  The Patchogue Bank's 1st CEO was none other than Floyd Overton, who had unceremoniously evicted the Library, after his young wife's untimely recent death.
The John Roe Smith Block would be the 1st (1883-84), 3rd , and 6th home of the Association Library, and 1st home of the Public Library. The building still stands today, and is home to the Hofbrau Muchen Bierhaus Restaurant