Librarian's Corner

 Reference Tools:  Indexes, Finding Aids, Subject Guides, Classification Guides

  • Long Island & Patchogue Vertical File Subject Headings (rev. by Carrie Locke) 
    • Replace Patchogue with the name(s) of the villages served by your library, and allowing for appropriate modifications, you have a readily adaptable set of Library of Congress Subject Headings, with local variations. Why so fine a subdivision?  It allows greater precision of access, an unexpected surprise to researchers and librarians alike, and most people are looking for something specific.  It can aid in keeping one person from monopolizing everything on a hot topic when others are clamoring for it (because it's in, or about to be in, the news, was discussed on a popular TV show, or is related to a class homework assignment.
  • A Guide to Localizing Dewey for Long Island Use  (rev. as of 1/27/12)
    • Since the Dewey Decimal Classification System, in general use by public libraries, stops at the county level, information sources more local than that are scrambled by author or title.  This offers a way to unscramble them and organize them for easy access, by patrons and librarians alike.  It has had a proven track record of reducing time spent in hunting down sources, while freeing more time for research.  It's not hard to explain or understand, and it works even when your computer is down.
  • Local History For Public Libraries