Long Island Counties

Long Island Counties

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                          L.I. Villages -- Suffolk County, N.Y., A-K  web page

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                          Suffolk Historic Newspapers web page (Suffolk

                              Cooperative Library System.  Live-Brary:  A

                              Cooperative Project of the Public Libraries in Suffolk

                              County, NY) -- searchable portions of, or entire runs


                              of, fifteen 19th and 20th century newspapers 

-- Kings (or Brooklyn) County 

           [A County of New York State, also a Borough of New York City,

           after it voted to become part of greater NYC, in 1899] 

          See  Kings County (Brooklyn) History web page

          See also  Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online, 1841-1902  (Brooklyn Public

                               Library) -- covers Brooklyn, Kings County, its villages,

                               cities, towns, and neighborhoods, as well as the rest of

                               Long Island


-- Nassau County (Part of Queens County to 1899, when the three

                            easternmost Towns of Queens voted against

                            incorporation in greater New York City, and formed a

                            new county, in 1900)


           See  Nassau County History web page

           See also  Queens County History web page

                                 [for information, prior to 1900]

                                Long Island Town Histories and Records  web page

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                          L.I. - Villages and Cities - Nassau County, N.Y.  web page


-- Queens County

               (In 1899, Queens County voted to also incorporate as a Borough of

            greater New York; its 3 easternmost towns, voted to split off, 

            forming Nassau County, in 1900)

            See   Queens County History  web page

            See also    Nassau County History  web page

                            Long Island Town Histories and Records  web page 

-- Suffolk County

          See   Suffolk County History web page [& sub-pages on related

                         themes] (Patchogue-Medford Library.  Celia M. Hastings

                         Local History Room)