Library Locations

This restaurant placemat was designed for the Library Centennial in 2000, to show the movements of the Library around the village of Patchogue, most of which took place between 1883-1908, when the Carnegie building became the first permanent (non-rented) home of the Library.  Here are the locations: 1883-84 Floyd A. Overton's shoe store; 1884-85 George M. Ackerly's stationery store; 1885-91 J.L. Overton's shoe store (Floyd had become a local bank president); 1891-1896 George M. Ackerly's music store; 1896-1899  New Lyceum (also housed a 500-seat theater, fire department, gym, and NYS judge's quarters); 1899-1902  John Roe Smith Block (same building as the Overtons' shoe store) [1899-1900 Sorosis' demonstration public library; 1900 Patchogue Library chartered as a public library]; 1902-08 George M. Ackerly's music store; 1908-1981 Carnegie Library (built on land donated by Edwin Bailey I) [1930's Librarian Alma Custead is founder and 1st President of  Suffolk County Library Association; 1967 Suffolk Cooperative Library System commences operations in the Library's basement; 1951 Service is extended to Medford residents; 1973 Name is changed by charter amendment to Patchogue-Medford Library]  1981-Present Library moves into former W.T. Grant building, at its present location, 54-60 East Main Street [2000 Library celebrates its 100th year of service; 1993-2014 Neighborhood Center, Eagle Elementary School, Medford, NY;  2010  Library receives National Medal for Museum and Library Service].  One additional move took place, after this map was created, in 2013, when the Carnegie Library was moved to its present location on West Main St.   -- MHR